Radiotherapy and Pericarditis

Anyone else had this problem? 


Finished my radiotherapy on the 13th Sept during which time I’d problems with my breathe holds after the first week it was suggested to me to see doc and to take pain killers for the pains I was having when breathing.  Doc, after doing an ECG decided I’d an irregular heartbeat and was told to take things easy!  The 10 days after my treatment saw breathing deteriorated to the extent I couldn’t walk a couple of steps. On Monday 23rd I contacted NHS 24 as Drs were closed, answered their questions and was told where to go to see someone. Nursing Practitioner I saw did my temp, did my static, was low on oxygen, and said listening to the left side of my back was all crackly. She wanted to send me to hospital in an ambulance but there was a 4 hours wait so my husband took up after we collected an overnight bag from home.

I’m now home after spending the past week in hospital. Had a whole host of tests done. Still on medication for the pain and to reduce the fluid round my heart.

Hi @highlandmum3 ,

Thank you for sharing your experience, we’re sorry to hear what you have been through and we’re glad you’re now out of hospital. We’re sorry also that you haven’t had a reply yet, hopefully someone will come along soon to share their experience.

Take care,

Laura at Breast Cancer Care

Well, you’re not having a fun time, are you? Although I’ve not experienced it, I do know that some members have had issues with the rads affecting heart and lung  function. I want to say it will improve, but I’m not sure. Perhaps one of our lovely nurses on here could explain why that happens. My only experience of breathing difficulties was when my right lung became occluded on my first round of Palbociclib . I was in for two weeks and on oxygen. Not a great experience , but I was very grateful I was in hospital and being well looked after as it was a frightening experience. I’m wishing you a speedy recovery, and hoping someone with a similar experience will post soon. X