Radiotherapy and what to wear

Hi ladies, I have just had my third rads session, (only 12 more to go) and thought I would pass on a little tip.
I was reading a thread before this site was updated and read some tips from ladies who were going through treatment. I have been using some of these tips myself so know how valuable they are.
There was a conversation about what members found comfortable wearing during the session if they weren’t provided with a gown from the hospital. A few ladies said a string top with support and just roll it down when they are ready. I did this but also took a large fashion scarf with me to hook over my shoulder and tuck into my trousers (so if I were standing it would drape from my shoulder to belt) and cover my good breast. No one seems to have a problem with this, it doesn’t get in the way at all.
It may perhaps be a little trivial but I have flashed off my boobs so many times, I don’t want to do it anymore than I really have to (my good one anyway).

Hope someone thinks its a good idea, lol


That it a very good tip. At my hospital you were not provided with a gown.

You took your top off in the radiotherapy room, and if they remembered, there would be a pillow case left on the chair where you left your clothes. This was supposed to cover your modesty fom the chair to the table. Pretty useless really. Wish I’d thought of the scarf thing.

Best of luck with the rest of your treatment.

Brilliant idea, will try it this afternoon.  must be an improvement on the sheet of paper towel.  I have been wearing the top you can roll down too but I like the idea of a bit more coverage with a scarf. (Off to choose which one!) x


Hi ladies.

I started rads last week and have had 4 out of 15 so far. I’m wearing a vest top which I pull down. This seems to be working well and I feel at least I have a bit more dignity than wearing a gown. The scarf sounds an excellent idea. Good luck to all of you :smileyhappy:

I am pleased to report that today at my first visit to RT dept I was given a short gown that opened with poppers across the shoulders.  Radiotherapist said velcro fastening ones were less fiddly to do up, but the velcro doesn’t do well in the laundry.