Radiotherapy and work

Ok, might be the wrong thread so please excuse. My wife is having a lumpectomy on 15th May and then three weeks radiotherapy six weeks later


she has given up work whilst under treatment but is worrying about me. My employer has basically told me I am not to come in to work on her surgery day or the day after (as if I would anyway) so I can look after her and once the radiotherapy starts they don’t expect me in. All they ask is I make contact couple of times a week.


now whilst this sounds reasonable, I know nothing with my employer is given freely and there will be a catch somewhere. I understand that employees with cancer have certain rights, but what about spouses such as myself?


just want to be certain that everything is above board and take one worry off her

Hi there

I’ve had a lumpectomy and am currently having radiotherapy but am still going into work. My partner is self employed and I have appreciated his presence and taking me to appointments. Your employer seems generous maybe check  the sick policy if you’re concerned to see what you’re entitled to and make sure their offer is in writing. Good luck to you wife with her treatment xx