Radiotherapy August 2019 ?

Hi folks, 

I’m starting radiotherapy in August 2019 and thought I’d start a monthly thread.


I’ve already met my consultant, and been consented. I am having three weeks to breast and nodes, then a week boost to the tumour bed.

It was all so much less scary than any appt with surgeon or oncologist. 


If anyone has issues with the permanent tattoos, raise it at the first discussion. My consultant was completely understanding and is going to use permanent marker instead.



Hi lizandsarah

This is a great idea.  Thank you for starting it off.  I feel sure that nearer the time this will become a lot busier with people sharing their experiences.

Best wishes
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Hello, I’m starting RT in August after my son’s wedding… I’m 2 weeks post last chemo with my planning session due 19th July. ?

Hi everyone,

I am meant to be starting radiotherapy in August too so this is nice to have a group of people to share experiences with. I have my planning this Monday the 22nd but I’m a bit anxious as my wound is still not fully healed but my BCN and consultant have said to go ahead to planning as there is a further 10 days in between before the actual radiotherapy sessions start. What exactly happens at the planning apart from CT scan.

Hey all, 


I had radiotherapy five blasts to my skull and neck due to cancer spread there and I’ve had some hair thinning anyone know what they say about cutting and dying hair after radiotherapy thank you xxx

Hello everyone

Had my planning meeting on the 5th and was given my appointment card for my first session to start on the 19th, after finding compassionate and caring staff in the other departments of the hospital I’m attending I found the 2 radiotherapists very business like and cold, it was a female who checked all my details and did tell me there was 2 of them what she didn’t say was the other one was male and for some unknown reason this took me by surprise! Haven’t a clue why ?‍♀️

It was the male one who did all the talking.  Was given a pillowcase to ‘hide my modesty’ so he said, didn’t cover much since I’m big busted and when I lay down on the table gravity took over! So nothing was covered. He then questioned the colour of the breast as it has been left a bit reddy/pink after my op, didn’t worry my surgeon or the breast care nurses but he decided to have a doctor look at it, she didn’t have a problem with it.  The only good thing about the whole experience was I was able to hold my breath for the 20 secs, cancer was in left breast.

Didn’t get an option as to what kind of tattoos I wanted, the 2 at the sides I can’t see but the one at the front is at the top of my cleavage and looks like a blackhead!

On Tuesday of this week I’d a message left asking me to phone the department and couldn’t believe it when I was told my sessions were being delayed by a week, was told a consultant was on holiday! Was disappointed about that as my birthday is in September and the thing keeping me going was the radiotherapy was going to be finished before my birthday now it’s not. 

So sorry for the long and ranting post but up until my radiotherapy planning meeting I’d been in a positive mood and taking it in my stride but because of this guys attitude I’m now dreading it. 

Random question did you all have a photo taken for ID purposes, your face, not your boobs! ??