Radiotherapy but great news this week

At last I got my results on Weds this week -  9mm stage 1 ER and lymph node clear so is just as diagnosed following biopsy, I’m so relieved the waiting for all these results is so stressful. I have decided to go back to work next Monday, just three weeks post op - mainly to get back to some normality and to keep my mind focussed on something else. So next stage is radiotherapy & I see oncologist on Weds to plan my treatment. Can anyone help with tips on a few things please - which moisturiser is best for massaging and as prep for radiotherapy. Which deodorant is best to use now I have healed under my arm. Thank you ladies for all your help and support, you have made this journey so much easier. Gail x

Hello Gail


how wonderful, another step forward , it’s all on the up now.  So I worked all through my radiotherapy, but It was on the basis with my employers I would do what I could do when I could.  I also didnt have to drive to my radiotherapy, it was a matter of getting on the tube from my office over to the hospital, round trip was about 90 minutes, worked like clockwork.  I did get fatigue, which has only just stopped - 4 months on, but definitely back to normal now.


For me I did the following:  Plenty of water, I used a simple moisturiser, that I got from the hospital, and I kept up my regular exercise.  I blocked my diary out at work, and to be honest no one even missed me.  There are still people at work who don’t even know I had three weeks of radiotherapy.  It’s all doable, but do what is best for you. Xxx



Oh that is fabulous news well done you.  I went back to work after my results and worked through rads but I was only allowed to work three days a week and 4 hours a day.


If you go on to the Going Through Treatment, radiotherapy thread you will have so much support there, and at the end of your rads I will be ringing the bells for you.


Moisturisingng your breast is really important during rads, I used to take my E45 with me and when I was getting dressed afterwards I would apply it before putting my bra on,they normally recommend E45, but hospitals do differ, they will go through all of it during your planning appointment.  Get used to taking in plenty of fluids every day as this will help with the potential dehydration from the rads and fatigue.  I was told not to use ordinary deoderant whilst having rads and they recommended Pit Roc which you can get from Boots.  Listen to your body it will let you know when you are overdoing it and need to rest


Helena xxx

How good is your news, Bouskillg! Onwards and upwards now. This journey will soon be over . I’ve just had my meeting with my Onco getting ready to go into radiotherapy . I was using Aveeno throughout my chemo, and the hospital gave that to me. Your hospital may give you a moisturiser . I was also given an information booklet which outlines things such as keeping well hydrated - 2 litres of water. Im sure you will be given the same, or you could download the leaflet from this site. As for deodorant , to be safe I went to Holland and Barrett and got a couple from them in the half price sale. They seem to work well. Not cheap though, but nothing has been on this journey. Keep checking in and tell us how you’re getting on. X