Radiotherapy clips?

Hi, I don’t know if someone can answer this odd question, I might have got the wrong end of the stick… I had rads no 9 today and after no 15 will also have 5 boosters. The doctor was at my session today to do the images for the planning for the boosters and she mentioned to the rads team something about the clips that were inserted at surgery. Is that correct? I know I should have asked at the time but am too polite and didn’t want to interrupt them in their rads discussion plus I do feel a bit stupid talking when I am lying there half naked with my arms in the air! Do they insert clips? Thanks to anyone who may be able to answer! Michelle x

I know I know !!! Lol 

Nobody told me about this before or after surgery, I found out when I had my booster rads planning scan last week, and even then only by chance as overheard something the onc. said to the radiographer something about ‘the top X showed up really well on the scan’. My interest was aroused and I asked…I’m not polite and I’m a pain in the backside with interrupting even though there were 4 of them in there staring down at my chest lol


At the time of lumpectomy the surgeon will have inserted tiny metal ‘markers’ to be picked up on the planning ct scan. Those markers give reference to the location and dimensions of the tumour. My markers apparently attached to the ‘chest wall’ ( I asked if they could move) but I don’t know if that’s just because that’s where my tumour was situated, or if they are usually attached to the internal area of the breast. I have no idea what these small metal things look like, or how large they are, I just know they are there and guide for the planning of the booster rads. 


CHarys x



Thanks Charys! In all the googling I’ve done over the last 3 months (and I’ve done a lot!) this is the first I knew of it, can’t believe I didn’t come across it before! x

Hi Charys & Michelle,

I’ve had clips inserted twice, the first time during a mammogram and the second time during my lumpectomy.  I was told when I had my first clip inserted (which marks an area of benign calcification) that it was titanium and is shaped like the breast cancer pink ribbon symbol. I did some research and found there are several shapes available so not sure if they have different meanings. I have no idea what shape my other clips are which were inserted during my lumpectomy.  They are very tiny and I’ve never had any issues with mine. Tomorrow will be my last rads session, had 15 plus 5 boosters  :-)

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Thanks Vik, I’ll ask the rads team more about it at tomorrows session. You learn something new every day, lol! x

I had my year on mammo this week & was surprised to see a number of clips in the images (not breast cancer symbol by the way) just square.  I asked the doc what they were & she said they would have been put in when I had the lumpectomy to show the rads team where the epicentre was.  Still would have appreciateted being asked before they shoved something permanent into my body.  Guess I would have said yes, so doesn’t matter.  On this subject, they also cut round my nipple when they did the lumpectomy, so they don’t look quite balance, as one has a scar round it.  If I had been asked, I would have preferred a scar over where the lump was & matching nipples, rather than no scar, but wonky ones.  Have other people had that too, or was it just our place.  Again I think I should have been consulted. xx