Radiotherapy dots and Ct scan before treatment starts.

Hi all, hoping everyone is keeping well.

Is it normal have pain and swelling in the breast after the ct scan and dot markers in prep for radio? I am 4 weeks post op… (lumpectomy and lymph node removal).

My bruises from the dots are about 2 inches in size. 


Hello @Susied  

I didn’t get any sort of a reaction like you describe when I had mine. My oncologist did however say the size of them can vary depending on the confidence of the radiographer, the lady who did mine did some of my treatments and we had a bit of a joke and laugh about her “work” 

If they are just bruised I wouldn’t worry too much but if they look like they could be infected I would get them checked out. I would ring the radiotherapy centre, if they are anything like the one I attended the staff will be really helpful and lovely. 
I hope they are OK and your sessions go OK for you. 
AM xx

Hi Susied, definately contact your team…it may or may not be connected…best to let them have a look.

i opted for no tattoo dots when I had my radiotherapy, as it was just a step too far for me … so can’t comment on what it’s like after having them.