radiotherapy help!

Hi ladies, head going silly and just need to talk. Waiting now for my onc. Appt which my bcn advised will be in next 3 weeks and then will get date for rads. Will also be told then what drug I will be on. Waiting game again!! I know my results cld have been worse, but I just want my dates! Do others feel like this, I know Eileen and Sharon are on the same route, am I being a pain. Thank you my special friends, lol xxxxxxxx

No you are not being a pain! I have my appointment with onc next week and they already told me what drugs I will be on. They say they won’t be able to say when radiotherapy starts until I have been seen so like you I am waiting again… Main problem for me is that they keep changing dates of appointments. Trying to do nice things in the meantime to take my mind off it - not easy when my boob is twice its normal size and hard as a rock! Friends seem to think all OK now I know I don’t need chemo - don’t think they quite get the head thing. Brain goes into overdrive sometime doesn’t it?. Hang on in there - good to share with people who really understand as I am not convinced anyone who hasn’t been here has much of a clue xxxx

Hi ladies, I’ve seen my Oncologist and had my planning session, just waiting for radiotherapy to start on 11th March.  Actually I’m quite pleased to have a bit of a delay as it means it will be 6 weeks between surgery and radiotherapy which gives me more chance to heal.  I have a little bit of fluid build-up in my boob still although it’s getting better by the day and I understand that the radiotherapy is less likely to be disfiguring if the fluid has reabsorbed before it starts - as far as I’m concerned radiotherapy can wait until all the fluid build up is gone! 


I’m having Tamoxifen as I’m pre-menopausal although I’ve decided to delay starting it until the radiotherapy is over so I only have one lot of potential side effects at a time.  


Hope you get your dates soon but in the meantime, don’t forget to get out there and enjoy yourselves as much as possible before the radiotherapy fatigue sets in and we all become couch potatoes for a while!  Hope you’ve got lots of films/books to get you through those ‘fatigued on the sofa’ periods?




Thanks ladies, so good to hear how all progressing. I will call my bcn nurse next week if I  haven’t got appt with onc. but I know I have to be patient.  Agree with you Eileen, everyone happy for us but there seems to be that little piece they are missing. Oh well, again we are so lucky to have the support here.  I was told some dont start the drugs until after rads finished,  we don’t need too much onto us do we. Got in touch with walking for health people and hope to start on their Sunday treks, sounds good. Well my lovelies, thanks for all the advice and your updates, great that we can compare! Next! :heart:lol xxxxxx

Hi ladies I’m in the waiting game too and due to see my onc on Friday. Hoping my results from my lumpectomy and sentinel node removalt will be as good as possible. I know already that I will have radiotherapy and Tamoxifen and perhaps genetic testing. My grandmother had BC and my sister 2 yrs ago. I worry about my daughter. Not feeling too grand today, boob painful and theres’s s hard lumpt near the scar. I’m thinking fluid. My under arm sore too. Just wish Friday would hurry up and come, the waiting is awful snd my head is all over the place. Getting fed up with one smelly underarm, as I can’t use deodorant on it at the moment, lol. Thank goodness for Cuticura powder. X

Wish you lol for Friday, all we seem to do is wait. There shld be a rota for us when we go for our results really. I feel awful whinging as my results were all clear, now waiting for onc. Appt and rads start date. Bcn said I will have 3 weeks rads every day and still dont know which drug they will give me. I am terrible with drugs, side effects really love me. But, again we dont get too much choice do we. I get some days where my boob feels like it’s ripping, then heavy, but my surgeon was very pleased with it, and to start using the bio oil. Take it easy and regular paracetamol.  Let us know how you get on, lol xxxxxxx