Radiotherapy in October

morning all … im on last 4 days of radiotheraphy (boosters) suffering from burns to how nipple area :frowning: the gel the hospital gave me isnt doing anything. anybody had burns ? anybody know a good cream/gel to help with this please… including 8 boosters ive had 23 sessions and cant wait till thursday comes so my body can start to heal .also having herceptin every 3 weeks i have 12 more of them and also on tamoxifen for 5 years been on them for a month and not side affects as of yet other than hot flushes but i think since chemo ive had them.anybody else really teary ? crying everyday at the mo and very snappy :frowning: … hope your all doing well :slight_smile: xx

Hello all - had session 4 of 15 today, so far so good. Did I imagine it but today the buzzing of the laser seemed to last longer and more times today than first 3 - does it change as course goes on or am I just hallucinating !! Good luck to anyone starting xx



It will be the same time for each treatment but I went on a different machine a few times and it took longer so I asked why and was told I had been given the same dose but the older machine takes longer to give it.   So just wondered if you were on the same machine all the time.

Only time it takes a bit longer is if you are having boosts at the end of treatment


Jaye x

I’m starting Monday as well Rosie !! Isn’t it a relief to finally be able to plan. I’m not looking forwRd to the daily trips to St Thomas but feel glad that I’m finally getting closer to the end. Let me know how you get on x

Hi Pam
Well I’ve had my date to start it’s 29th. 2 days after I get bak from my hols. Had my aloe Vera gel today so let’s hope its Wat it’s all cracked up to b.
How u getting on r u sore?
Lynne xx
P.s good luck to everyone else too x

Session 11 today and getting a bit uncomfortable under arm. Feels like sunburn when it feels tight but because it’s in a numb area, it doesn’t hurt. Using my Radiance gel 3 or 4 times a day now…
Also saw consultant today who joyfully told me that will start to get more effect from now for last 4 sessions and then up to 2 weeks more. She has prescribed a gel and dressing pack for me to collect if I get blisters or skin breakdown! If I get to two weeks post rads without problems, then will be ok. Fingers crossed!

Ive been so upbeat & positive - as much for my benefit as for those around me. But got to hospital today (session 7 /15) nice and early as roadworks make journey times vary alot but absolutely no where to park …drove round and round for 40 minutes; started to cry and just couldnt stop. Sobbed more than have since diagnosed and ended up leaving hospital, parking and walking miles back to radiotheraphy. Isn’t it funny how we cope with so much and then something silly & stupid bring us to our knees xx In bed early…tomorrow’s another day xx

Great news mysticalmoo! How many treatments did you have and any boosters? I’m wondering if burns depend on strength of rads given? I’m having 15 x 40g then 5 top ups. All ok so far but still early days

Thought I’d post a boob-watch update as I’m now 9 days after my 15 treatments for the benefit of those following me…!

The redness seems to be calming down a bit but I have several symptoms which are developing. A dreaded itch which i can’t scratch because I’m still numb after my surgery. The itch feels like a million mossie bites but I get no relief from scratching as I can’t feel anything there! Anti histamines take the edge off but it comes and goes all day and night.

Also getting quite sharp stabbing pains in the breast, again they come and go but are quite painful.

But on a positive note, my skin is pretty good. A few tiny blisters developed under my breast and have burst and dried out. The itchy area looks and feels like prickly heat but it is where the corner of the square pad went… Looks a bit spotty but not getting any worse (or any better yet!).

Apologies for waffling on but if anyone out there is like me, I have been desperate to hear the mundane experiences as well as the dramatic ones. For reassurance and to know that I’m fairly normal…! :wink:

Hi Pam


I had the shakes too and also put it down to fatigue.   I think I did too much straight after finishing rads and the tiredness and fatigue really hit me so take it steady and don’t do too much too soon.

I’ve not noticed anyone else talking about the shakes but i can definately relate to it.


All the best 


Jaye x

Hi all
Had day 2 of 15 today so early days. It’s comforting to know everyone seems to relate to each others different symptoms. I’m reading all ur posts, its hard to talk with friends and family some days so reading these gives me a lift knowing I’m not going through this alone, so all the best to u all, keep posting.

I haven’t had shakes but I am quite tired. Trying to run around in the morning and factor in a couple of hours rest time in the afternoon. I have just finished a “binge-watch” of Broadchurch which I missed first time around - 2 episodes per afternoon was a lovely treat while I lay on the sofa under a blanket! Very lazy but after the year I’ve had - I feel no guilt! ;0)

It is weird how things still are developing almost 2 weeks after radiotherapy finishes … I have now got ‘exit wounds’ on the back of my shoulder. I have broken out in what look like prickly heat on my back which is apparently “normal” and it is soooooo itchy! So now slapping cream on front and back! My rash on the front is slowly improving and not quite so itchy… They said that my skin could keep getting worse up to 3 weeks then should improve…

Day 10, got 5 left and so far no burn just absolutely knackered today. Still working at th mo tho but only doing 4 hours a day, don’t know how long I’ll b able to do it tho. My bosses have been really good and they let me come n go it’s just sometimes my colleagues make me feel so guilty wen I leave early. It feels like they r rolling their eyes behind my back. I feel like shouting “do u want to swap places!” maybe in just having a bad day.

Hi Dollie
Iv been using 99% aloe vera gel. I apply it straight after treatment before I leave th hospital, wen I get into my pj’s at tea time and wen I go to bed so iv got my faith in that.
I hav had no delays only 1 day they were running late but that was only 20 mins, all my appointments have run smooth with no changes yet. It must b a nightmare I’d b sleeping in th chair, we have lovely comfy big chairs. Hope u don’t have to wait again tomorrow

I was 3 weeks post rads yesterday and today I have noticed a dramatic improvement in the skin on my radiated boob. I have been very pink and itchy but it has faded to a lightly tanned colour and the rash has almost disappeared. It feels very dry now and I have been slapping on the creams which help.

I was also quite swollen and uncomfortable on the outer side (where the cancer was) and towards the ANC scar, but this is feeling much better now too! I think I am over the worst (fingers crossed!). Got my follow up on 4th December.

Good luck to those still being zapped and those newly finished. Xxx