Radiotherapy in October

I had my planning session on Tuesday and am due to start radiotherapy on 13th October for 15 sessions. The last one will be on 31st October, then all my treatment will be finished, just 7 months from finding the lump at the end of March.


I had Grade 4 stage 1 triple negative, 20 mm lump on the left side. I had a ‘lumpectomy’ in May followed by a further ‘slice’ in June to get clear margins, then have had four cycles of EC with the last one yesterday. Fortunately I’ve hardly had any side effects, apart from losing my hair but I’ve got two super wigs. I wore a ‘glam’  Raquel Welch one (thank you NHS!) for my son’s wedding on Sunday and felt a million dollars, much better than my usual hair style! The only other side effects I’ve had have been blisters on my toes which is probably athlete’s foot - first time ever but because of my low immunity. Also watery eyes on and off, but fortunately ‘off’ for the wedding. I had the ‘runs’ after my second course but not since, so really I’ve got off very lightly. Let’s hope radiotherapy is the same, particularly as my 91 year old mother will be staying with us for a month or so following 6 weeks in hospital recovering from a fall when she broke her right hip and shoulder so can’t weight bear on her right arm yet and needs a lot of help.


I’d like to hear from anyone else starting in October.


Best wishes, Wendy

Hi there, I will be starting in October too, but probably a week behind you my planning appointment is on Tuesday (23rd).  I have not had to have any chemo, just lumpectomy and sentinal node biopsy luckily had good margins and no traces in lumph gland.  Had my op on 26 August, still sore, but getting there.  Best wishes  Pam x


Hi I finish 10th October good luck to you xx

Hi. I have had my planning session and tattoos today and will be starting 15 sessions on 1st October.

I was diagnosed on 27th February, had 6x FEC-T then bilateral mastectomy with strattice/implant reconstruction on 30th July. I am having rads on left side (had prophylactic mx on right) for invasive lobular cancer throughout breast with largest over 9cm and 3/16 nodes affected. So looking forward to completing treatment on 21st October!

Feeling apprehensive because my reconstruction has been so successful and I don’t want any damage. My surgeon was really reassuring about everything being ok during rads although I know many surgeons don’t recommend it. He has been fantastic so far so I decided to trust him and get my surgery over in one op. I really hope he’s right…!


Hi ladies. Had my planning session today and due to start 15 sessions on October 15th. The delay is because we have a weeks holiday booked in Barcelona. I had Grade 3 invasive, triple negative and had chemo to try to avoid a mastectomy. Fortunately successful so lumpectomy mid August. All healed beautifully but right boob now much smaller than left and nipple over an inch higher so think May go for reconstruction at some stage, if I can face going near a hospital again. Thanks for the advice about starting with aqueous cream.

Hi all


Yes it’s a good idea to start using the cream daily for a couple of weeks before you start rads.   I finished my rads in June and creamed before as I had read on here it was good to do that and I think it really helped with the burning.   I got away without any burns, just soreness towards the end.


Also don’t forget to drink plenty of water, especially before and after treatment.  I took bottled water with me.


All the best



I’m due to start radio in October, as yet I haven’t had dates or planning appt. had lumpectomy 27th august, two lumps removed 20mm grade 2 invasive and 3mm grade 1. No nodes affected. Have picked up my first script for tamoxifen today but really nervous about starting so close to radio as worried about side effects from both. Have started using double base already as suggested. Why is it recommended to drink water before And after?.

So 3 sessions done - 12 to go! All quite straightforward you just lie on the slab, they pull you into position and then don’t move until the machines have finished their work. After the first day when I got so cold, I took a blanket to cover my legs and stomach which really helps. I get a bit of heat and redness immediately on my chest after treatment but this improves over a couple of hours after I use the Radiance Gel recommended by my surgeon.

So far it’s been ok… Been warned side effects kick in about half way through… I have felt really tired but not sure if this is radiotherapy or tamoxifen giving me night sweats and interrupting my sleep! Good luck to anyone starting next week… X

Hi Dollie,

Sorry to hear about your dad, wishing you and your family the best xx

In regard to missing days as the other ladies said they will tell you what’s possible, but I guess we don’t go on the weekends so two days in a row must be ok. There was one occasion where the machine broke on a Monday so I didn’t have it 3 days, and they did indeed tag it on the end.

Mystical moo - I was breezing along thinking wow this is great just a little red then boom 3rd week literally looked like someone had singed me with the iron (shape of) fortunately I didn’t burn or skin break, but like some other ladies terrible itching!
In to the 4th week I was on my boosters so it started to improve! I only finished Tuesday this week and the redness is already going down, so if your just having the 3 weeks it hopefully won’t be too bad!
It’s flippin freezing in the room isn’t it brrrr good idea re blanket xx

Hi all


I had my rads in May and started on a Tuesday and then had a bank holiday into the time.  So I had a 4 day first week then a normal 5 day week, then a 4 day week and then 2 more days the last week.   So during my 15 treatments I had two three day gaps.


Hope you are all doing well - it does pass quite quickly once you get started.


The tiredness didn’t kick in for me until probably about day 11 but that can take a good few weeks to clear so try to be kind to yourself and take things as easy as you can


Jaye x





Hi Pam
Like u had lumpectomy with good margin and no trace in sentinal node, my op was 1st September . Waiting for my radiotherapy start date should b beg of November as I had already booked a holiday for half term week. Good luck xx

hi Rosie
No products to b used on skin at all before going into treatment room freshly showered they said ,they advised me last week. When you get home u can use deodorant but they advise plenty of aloe Vera to area after each shot of rad (must b 90+% tho,the purer th better) nurse recommended start using this now well before treatment as gets skin prepared so I’m off to get some this week.

Hi Pam
Let me know how u get on would like to know. U still sore tho? I am around th breast where lump was not scar.

I have my planning appt tomorrow. Have been using e45 to prepare. Wondering about getting soft bras in case of soreness. Radio starts 20th

My hospital said only Simple soap, aqueous cream or E45, no deodorant with metal in it. I found that I had reactions if I used anything except the simple soap or aqueous cream. I used shampoo for new borns too so I didn’t get anything perfumed on the breast during showers.  I finished rads on Sept 1 and the oncologist was pleased with how my skin was but two weeks later I got dark red marks under my arm, sore and the skin eventually peeled. It has healed well now but I don’t know if it was just the rads or the fact I used E45 shower gel under my arm before the marks appeared. Better to be careful as it is no fun being sore! I got really fed up with no deodorant in the summer. I find the Pitrock crystal spray stuff works well. Also I needed soft seamless bras all the time as my breast was a bit swollen and the area where my nipple was/scar now is exactly where most bras have seams. Best to go get soft bras beforehand as you don’t want to keep trying on bras when you are sensitive. I too found the hospitals freezing cold and took a dressing gown to wear while waiting outside the Linac in the corridor.

Funny how all hospitals are different.  Where I went we weren’t offered gowns - you just stripped to the waist in the treatment room and put your clothes on a chair next to the machine lol


Hope you are all doing well with your treatment


Jaye x

Hi Pam
Glad everything went ok yesterday & Hope today went ok too keep looking after urself, I’ve not had a date yet. Keep me posted
Lynne x

Hi Pam. I start rads next Monday so interested to see how you’re getting on. Are you sore under your arm and boob or just where rads are directed. Can you wear a bra? We have a couple of “do’s” planned and would like to wear bra as feel bit undressed without. Karen

Hi Pam
Glad ur upbeat tho, I’m sure ur strong enough to see it through. Don’t forget to rest wen u need it, the radiologist told me "don’t try 2 b a hero ", wen u feel like a rest have one. I can’t wait for my holiday -not long now, then my rads should start just after I get back. Hope all goes well next week.
Lynne x

I’ve now had 8 sessions (out of 15) and am beginning to feel the effects - but nothing in comparison to the chemo horrors.
Skin gets red and very hot on the evening of treatment but is cool by morning. My rib cage under the treatment area feels bruised but not sure if this is rads or stretching arm above head that has caused it. I have a stripe across my chest above boob where the radiated area meets the normal skin. It is quite dramatic and I have my fingers crossed that it fades as it looks like a bad suntan line!
I’m beginning to feel very tired and am back to napping in the afternoons but they said this was normal and can take quite a few weeks/months to improve.
Good luck to everyone else starting this coming week - time is flying for me and I hope it does for you too x