Radiotherapy June 2019

Hello Lovely ladies.


Thought I would start the new June Rads thread as can’t see one there at the min.     Hope all goes well for those starting their radiotherapy during June.        Keeps up the liquids and start with the cream as soon as you can.    Hope we see a group of lovelies getting to know each other in this thread.


Take care all xx

Hi Gill and everyone else. 


I’ve just had my third session (of 15) so far so good. Hope everyone else having radiotherapy this month gets on OK.



I should have joined when I first read your post but, as I started radiotherapy right at the end of May, I felt a bit of a fraud. Anyway, here I am, just past the halfway mark and how smug I’ve been, describing it to everyone as a doddle. I guess it has been, compared to chemo where I had a long and rough time.  With radiotherapy, 8 sessions out of 15 and nothing beyond increased appetite (much needed), a little tiredness and a gruff voice (I have rads on the collar bone as well as full left chest) - until 3.30 this morning when I woke up in agony! I was ready for skin soreness, even burns, but not for a searing pain across what’s left of my breast muscle, exactly where the radiographer draws her marks. Today has been ok (I have a rib/sternum injury which chemo and rads are preventing healing but I’m used to that pain now) but I’m dreading tonight in case it happens again. I see the oncologist tomorrow but she is far more brusque than the male oncologists I’ve had till this stage so I’m expecting it to be brushed aside. 


Has anyone experienced severe but sporadic pain? Any advice or recommendations? I’m already taking gabapentin for the neuropathic pain (thanks to Paclitaxel) but that won’t touch this. I massage my mastectomy area regularly and just before radiotherapy, moisturise 3-4 times a day and do as much of my exercises as my injury allows. Am I being a pessimist? 


I start rad next week 20th. Already dreading it and lots of mixed emotions. It’s good to be able to read real life experience rather than being told I’ll be fine by people who aren’t going through this.