Radiotherapy May 19

Hello everyone who will be having radiotherapy this month. I have my first dose tomorrow and am looking forward to it in a strange way. ? it’s been a long journey, but I now feel that I am at last coming to an end of this nightmare. 


I have been reading back back some of the tips and hopefully my treatment will go smoothly.


Best of luck to everyone, looking forward to ‘meeting’ you all.


Hugs ??

Hi Badboob.


Hope all goes well tomorrow for you.  I am starting on the 20th May and having 15 sessions. Had my CT and planning yesterday. Felt like a lump of meat on a slab tbh all the pulling and pushing to get me in the right place! 

I’ve got my oncologist appointment on the 16th so also hoping to start this month and in a strange way I’m also looking forward to it, mainly to finish off what has been a whirlwind since being diagnosed!


best of luck today and throughout your radiotherapy x

Hi Ladies ?

I’ve just started my radiotherapy, hope you dont mind me joining you…I’ve had 6 out of 15 sessions! ??

My skin is doing okay up to now…Its a bit swollen around my wound but the radiologist said that it would swell up.(My mx wound is still healing…I’m only 8 weeks post-op today?)…its also a little bit pink by the time I get home but I’ve been re-applying the moisturiser and it’s holding out so fingers crossed it’s going to be okay! 

Lining you up on the bed takes longer than the rads itself! 

Badboob…best wishes for today…I’m sure you’ll be fine! ???

Best wishes to all you other Ladies too

Have a good day ???



Me & my mum (who was diagnosed with breast cancer the week after me- both had WLE & SNB), both had our CT planning appointment last week and start Radiotherapy 21/5/19 for 15 sessions.  We are supporting each other through this horrible journey of cancer & treatment. I have found this site so useful and informative , and often reassuring at times when low. 


My mum appears to be coping great & I thought I was, but I’m so emotional & tired just recently & that’s before starting Radiotherapy. I started Tamoxifen 3 weeks ago, it’s making me feel drained and fed up,  feel like crying all the time- which is not me.  Anybody else feel like this on Tamoxifen ?.