Radiotherapy. Nipple loss

Morning all. Just a quick question. Im due to start radiotherapy soon. Awaiting first appointment with the radiographer. I had my nipple removed during my lumpectomy and i was wandering how this will effect my radiotherapy treatment. Has anyone else had radiotherapy and nipple removed. Thankyou all xxx


Hi @sarahjaneavfc I’ll be in the same position soon but I don’t think it should make much difference. Certainly nobody has mentioned anything to me. The radiographer will help though I’m sure. Hope it goes well! :two_hearts:

I had a mastectomy and reconstruction so no nipple prior to radiotherapy and made no difference. Good luck xx

I was in the same situation and it made no difference at all. Best wishes x

It makes no difference at all so you will be grand , just moisture till your arm is sore as it helps so much , hopefully you’ll sail through radiotherapy but I know personally I’d say 10 days after the tiredness will hit you , all the best with treatment x

Hi I also had nipple removed I was fine with radiotherapy I didn’t get no burn marks or anything like that it’s so fast ur there like less than 10 mins. Xx

Be aware that the soreness/burnt skin can appear days or weeks after RT is finished. I had 15 sessions but didn’t get any soreness till a week later so was quite a shock. But used E45 cream and they healed quickly (looks just like sunburn). Got a dark scarring on my chest now though. Hope all goes well for you x