Radiotherapy not going well

Hi everyone,

well this has been an awful week for me they cancelled my radiotherapy as they could not hit my target properly due to me having fibromyalgia , this really disheartened me and I sobbed and I mean sobbed, so what’s happening they can see my muscles spasms and then next the pain on my face I tried 4 times but they were just hitting the surface of the target, I was ready for giving up, fibromyalgia is a nasty silent disease it just takes over your whole body.

ok anyway they phoned me later in the day to see if I could go in at 2.30pm as they were wanting to try something different, I thought mmmm ok let’s give it a go, but in the mean time I tried phoning my cancer nurse who was on holiday bless her and I wasn’t told but hey she deserves a break.

so I phoned my GP at around late afternoon the receptionist was great and I managed to speak to a Doctor who understood what I was going through he prescribed me so diazepam only the small dose to help me relax so I can have my treatment it helped a bit but nope my body was having none of this, so disheartened again they said there is one more thing to try as they said they would not be beaten these nurses were going to get me my radiotherapy bless.

Back to the Mould room now this time they had a giant kind of bean bag I had to lay on and it was moulded to my body so I could lay flat have my arm in position, so they marked me up again at this time I was starting to feel like a chalk board, so now it’s time to wait they have cancelled all my previous appointments, and start again on the 1st of April then I’m off for a long weekend,  all I kept telling myself it was my fault , I’m letting this medical team down who are trying to help me, I felt a huge failure again but now I need to recover from my flare up with my fibromyalgia, see the thing is I’m on a lot of pain killers to try and help me cope with my fibromyalgia which is very hard, and I try not to take anymore painkillers as I would be like a vegetable so fingers crossed I get to finish my treatment of radiotherapy just wish I didn’t have to wait so long but it will happen.

so is everybody’s radiotherapy bed different mine seems to be in 3 different pieces well what I mean the head rest is a piece on it’s own the body bit another piece on it’s own and the bum & leg bit another piece, yet my sister had hers done at a different hospital her bed was all one apart from the head and arm rest that was one single piece so all I can say is ouch.

Catt57 :upside_down_face:

@catt57  - I have just read your post and am so sorry to read about all the difficulties you are having with radiotherapy. But the thing that stood out was that you are blaming yourself and feel you are letting your team down - you are not, most definitely not. It sounds like you have a wonderful team who totally understand the issues you are having and are doing all they can to help you - they really want to help you and are determined to do so. I really hope they are successful when they restart, but I can totally understand your frustration. It’s ok to sob, and I just want to send you a gentle hug and strength as you go forward. Evie xx


Im new to the forum and this us my first post. I am nearly 4 weeks post surgery from my 2nd surgery and i too have fibro. It has been a worry to me how all this would impact my fibro and the pains im experiencing at the moment i dont know if theyre from the surgery or from fibro and i do worry that i will always have them!

 I dont know yet when i am having radiotherapy and i too am worried whether im going to be able to cope with the process.

Please dont feel guilty, remember you are not alone with your fibro and im sure hospitals are used to having to deal with people with physical difficulties during radiotherapy. Be good to yourself and stay strong. X