Radiotherapy over 5 days

Hi I’m new to this site, starting my radiotherapy this week and just wondered if anyone else has had theirs over 5 days rather than 16 ,what was your experience  I’ve only spoken to ladies who’ve had it over a longer time, I really don’t know what to expect 


I finished my 5 days last week, recommendation is to moisturise regularly- Aqueous cream, Aveeno, E45 creams are fine, don’t use deodorant or perfume in the area while having your sessions. The radiographers made sure I was comfortable and each session passed quickly. Had some redness but the Aveeno cream three times a day is really helping.

Good wishes for your treatment.



I felt the tightness after a couple of hours from my first session.

I’m now over 7 weeks post RT.(26 gy over 5 days) I’m still moisturising just day and night now. I will probably continue this for a few more months. 

I still have tightness so I do still need to do the daily exercises. I also use an electric shaver as I have some nerve damage (lymph nodes removal). I have lost some armpit hair - so much to remove.

Hope it goes well. I rang the :bell: on my last day. 

Good Morning, I see you’re probably done your 5 day plan.  Apparently, I go for radio mapping on the 26th and start the 5 day plan on November 1st.  Practicing holding my expanded breath for 30 second intervals.  Other than that I know very little.  How did it go?  Any tips or an idea of what to expect?  Thanks!  Vivian

Hi, I finished my 5 days of RT on Tuesday. I haven’t had any side effects at all so far although I know it can take time, so I am not pushing myself too much!

I’m not sure what the breath-holding is about!  At no point was I told to hold my breath thank goodness!  It takes a little while to get you into the right position but everyone I came across was very kind and sensitive so my overall experience was as good as it could have been.