Radiotherapy Sickness

Radiotherapy Sickness

Radiotherapy Sickness Hi has anyone expereinced nausea during their radiotherapy treatment? I was told this was not a side effect although some people have told me they experienced it. I am only 2 weeks into the treatment so was a little surprised.

Not So far Hi jlenson

I am on day 6 of my rads and no side effects so far. Have you had chemo ? It may be that you are over anxious about the treatment and who could blame you for that.

After chemo for me this part of the treatment has been a walk in the park as far as side effects are concerned but it has its trials nevertheless.

Talk to the nurse and see if she can offer advice. I hope you can sort this problem as it must be very upsetting for you. Perhaps there is a drug that can help settle your nausea. It could be that simple.
Thinking of you.

Nor me Not one of the side effects they mentioned at all. I’d definately have a word with your BC nurse, and also the rads people. At my hospital, if there’s anything untwoards they will get you to see a doctor same day.

yes it happened to me I felt very peculiar about two weeks in and had to give a leaving speech for someone - it gave me an excuse to do it sitting down so it can’t have been too bad. I felt a lot better when it was all behind me, I ate three tubs of haagen daz icecream on three successive days, the last, the day after the last, and the day after that. And lost weight, can’t be bad


Thanks Thanks for all the messages and advice. I went to the oncologist who told me its rare to feel sick during radiotherapy but possible and a few people I have spoken to have felt sick. I didn’t have chemo which I was grateful for so I guess I just thought I would be fine and had no reason to feel unwell or complain. However, I am still going through lots of emotions and next the tamoxifen.

I have heard so many stories of women who have gone through a lot more treatment than I have had and I am amazed at their strength.

Thanks for the support.