Radiotherapy side effects - 3 months on

Hi all,

I wondered if anyone has had a similar experience to me? I have for a few weeks now felt a bit woozy, light-headed, slightly dizzy - especially when moving around. I have pressure and tenderness in my left ear but GP has checked and no sign of infection . I did have a head and neck MRI about 15 months ago which showed some problems with bulging discs in my neck but nothing more serious.

I am wondering if this could be related to the radiotherapy? It isn’t horrendous but definitely not making me feel great and I am inclined to want to lie down more often!



If you have a feeling of pressure and your ear is hurting then it could still be your ear - I remember going fir a hearing test and the technician checked my ears and said she couldn’t do the test because my ears particularly the left one were inflamed. She wrote a note for me to take to my GP who also examjned my ears said he didn’t know what she was talking about as there was nothing wrong . A few days later I started with a viral infection and the first sign was earache. If it doesn’t clear up I would go back and get checked again.

However you may have some fatigue - mine manifested itself as nausea and a feeling that could come out of nowhere that I just had to stop whatever I was doing and if I didn’t I would start to feel sick and dizzy . Mine started 4 days after treatment and had gone completely after 4 months but at my support group we were given a talk and they said it can manifest later .

You should try to up your fluid intake in case you’re a bit dehydrated and maybe get your blood pressure checked if you haven’t already - in case it’s unusually low or high . If you have started a hormone blocker or other medication recently that may be having an affect . Perhaps you could see about getting a Physio to give you some exercises for your neck as well as any tightness there can cause dizziness ( I know from experience ) .

Might also be worth asking your BCN though .

Hope you feel better soon xx

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Thank you :blush:

That is really helpful. I definitely think my neck is part of the issue. I might get in touch with the physio on that.

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