Radiotherapy started today

Hi I’ve just had my first session of radiotherapy and I have a really strong burning sensation already. I though it would be a bit sore after a few weeks but not immediately. I still have 19 sessions to go both sides so am getting a bit worried about how sore this is going to get - any advice? X

Dear PJB,

Well done, getting your 1st session today, a dear friends old mum suggested that I used good old fashioned Zinc and Castor Oil, for me I found it very soothing or maybe Aveeno cream, also kind to the skin.

Wishing you well with your treatment, take care of yourself, lots of special treats brave lady.

A very big hug ? love Tili :rainbow:

Hi PJB43,

I was initially advised that I would need radiotherapy, having discussed this with a friend I was advised to get Aloe Vera gel.  I did not have the radiotherapy in the end so cannot confirm whether this would have helped but it has certainly helped with my scars.  I wish you lots of luck for your following sessions.

Hi PJB43 - I agree with Tili and Carte46’s advice regarding moisturisers for your skin, but do also speak to your radiotherapy team at your next session as each hospital seems to have its own favourite remedies. When I had it I was prescribed this R1 and R2 cream that was recommended on this forum by others - but my oncologist had never come across it. I used a combination of this plus Aveeno and aloe Vera gel.

Do keep going with the moisturising for a few weeks after your radiotherapy has finished as the radiotherapy effects don’t stop immediately the sessions stop. It’s really a bit like sunburn, so treat like that.

All the best to you for the rest of the sessions. Make sure you drink plenty of water and rest, as it is tiring going every day. Evie xx

Cabbage leaves! Old fashioned I know and I used this when breast feeding soreness struck many years ago. But a nice quiet break with cold leaves on is soothing and does not impact anything. I also used Flamigel which was my clinics go to. 
I wish you luck. I am 10 days post last session and still have heat radiating out but not too bad. 

Hello PJB43,

before I went for my radiotherapy, I would cover my breast in Aveeno cream, it helped a bit but I still got sore only use roll on deodorant , also after treatment put the cream on again  ply it on as it will keep it soothed also put the cream in the fridge as the cooling helps it’s a long hard slog it really takes it out of you so rest when you can take it easy as it is a slow draining process , I wish you well on your journey also try making a diary about how you cope mentally your feelings , I have just finished my treatment so now I have to rest and heal it has taken a lot out of me and I hope to never have to go through something like this again because it hard , so good luck with your treatment 

Catt57 xx