Radiotherapy Starters Nov 2019



My radiotherapy sessions are planned to start on 7th Nov with planning session on 30th Oct and final Chemo on 23rd Oct. Am having 15 +5 sessions so hoping to finish active treatment early Dec and feel more like the old me by xmas!!


Is anyone else starting in November?





I haven’t got my date to start yet but i think it is looking like November time.  I am also going to be having 15 + 5 boosters.  


I’m supposed to be starting in November, but no date yet. Haven’t had my planning session, but hope it will be this week.

Hi, I’m starting in November. I’m just waiting for my initial appointment with Radiography to come through. I’ll be gave 3 weeks of treatment. 


Hi everyone 


I’ve only just signed up to the forum, I hope it’s ok to tag onto this thread. I start my radiotherapy this Monday (hopefully as long as my seroma doesn’t reappear). I noticed that the advice was avoid or not to wear a bra/ wear crop tops, but my surgeon wants me to wear sports bras day and night still due to the ongoing seroma issue (and boy do I hate the sports bras as the band cuts in!). I had asked lots of questions to prep but this issue had never come up so now worrying about it (although quite possibly just to distract myself). Any ideas?


I hope for those of you that have started it is going ok with no effects, and good luck to those like me about to start xx