Radiotherapy tattoo removal

I’m sure there’s been a lot of threads about this but I really hate the dots and feel so fed up explaining why I have a “pen” mark on my chest. After six years I’ve decided to get rid of them. Any advice or recommendations as the clinic I went to today was really awful. Having been told I would see a specialist who would know about these tattoos it turned out to be someone who wanted to sell me treatment and was googling about tamoxifen while I was speaking to her. A totally wasted journey up to London. So I’m back to square one again. 

Hi Bunny ,I’m sure I’ve read somewhere on the forum about people having these tattoos removed on the NHS if they cause distress .Could you contact your breast unit and ask about it ? Hopefully someone who knows more than me will be along to comment .

Hi Bunny
Did you get anywhere with this? Had mine today. Chest one looks like a prison tattoo, so I really don’t want to keep it forever. The others do too (& are worse), but they’re under clothes & not obvious to me every day.

I’ve been looking in to having my dots removed. I have found someone local to me who does mobile laser tattoo removal and have been told it will be £20 per session and I should only need three to four sessions. I understand that some tattoo shops offer laser tattoo removal or can point you in the direction of someone who does. I hope you manage to sort something out, my dots certainly trouble me. 

It’s great to hear you had a follow-up appointment with your oncologist. Having that discussion about tattoo removal must have been helpful. I completely understand why clinics ask for a letter to ensure they have all the necessary information. As for the scar, it’s reassuring to know that it gradually improves over time.
BTW, consider skin whitening laser treatments. They can be an option if you’re looking to enhance your skin’s appearance.

I’ve only just got mine, being impartial the one at the front is tiny, but I can’t be impartial, I see it every time I look at myself, and don’t like it.

I know I can’t do anything yet, but rather than removal has anyone thought of getting a tattoo to lose it in?

Hi, I am 10 years post diagnosis and still all clear, I too researched this a few years ago and the easiest option was just to have a brownish tattoo over the top to make it look like a freckle - as I have a few it would blend in. I havnt gone through with it as yet tho as I dont like needles :frowning: