Radiotherapy- they're zapping part of my lung

Hello all,

I’ve had 3 sessions of radiotherapy out of 13 + 5. I have had a cough and trouble with my asthma since march. Even though i’m taking my inhalers regulary, when I lay down for treatment and am in position i’m being told i’m breathing too heavily. This is difficult as i’m feeling like i constantly need my inhaler and need to have a good cough up but you know what it’s like when you need to be incredibly still.

My breast has begun to feel heavy and it hurts beneath my armpit but am worrying more about how much damage my lung will be taking. They did warn me that part of my lung will be getting zapped. Has anyone else been in the same boat? How much damage can it cause?

hi Lady M

I had 25 RT sessions and part of my lung was zapped too.

I had a chest x-ray a few weeks ago and the RT scar showed up on that but when I had a spyrometry test there was no detriment to my lung function. I was pleased about that.

I don’t know what inhalers you are taking. Have you asked about increasing your dose while you are have RT. If you are taking a ‘reliever’ are you taking it just before you go in for your treatment.

It is very difficult for asthmatics to lie flat on our backs. I always feel like a have a heavy weight on my chest if I lie flat.

It might be worth mentioning it to the RT staff, I found them to be very understanding and only too willing to try and alleviate any problems.

Good luck

J xx

Hi Lady M,

I think they pretty well zap the lungs of everyone having rads. I found being told that quite scary. It says it “could” cause scarring on lung but not that it will. I had a strange urge to cough sometimes when I came out of rads but that has died down. Happens occasionally but no idea if it is really related. Elder son has stinking cold but now I tend to think that everything is bc related.

Hope it settles down for you xx