Radiotherapy to Vertebrae

Anyone had radiotherapy to vertebrae?  A lesion has been discovered in my T-9 which is additionally stenosing medulla.  I am receiving radiotherapy for release of this pressure and to target lesion.  I was given 2nd radiotherapy yesterday - 8 more to go.  The pain is still present at the back and reflecting to the front (no incontinence or pins and needles)  I am a little apprehensive as to the results of this.  Would appreciate your testimonies of this.


I have rads to my L3 vertebrae. I had 5 sessions although I had had most of the actual L3 removed via surgery.


I think the rads helped a bit although the surgery made the most difference to my pain levels. The pain was worse towards the end and just after but then did get better. My bowels were a bit upset too but as yours is a bit higher that may not be the case for you. 

I think some of the extra pain came from just getting in and off the bed/lying still etc.