Radiotherapy underwear!

Is anyone having the same problems I had trying to find suitable clothing to wear during a course of Radiotherapy treatment?? I found the shop assistants completely useless --most garments awful and notbreathable, frumpy, no support etc! am i alone in this??

Hi , I have done 7 rads and 8 to go,am just wearing normal clothes and the bras I’m using are the ones that I bought for after my op (WLE and SNB)They are all cotton and were recommended by the assistant at M & S and are maternity bras ! Got 2 for £20 , one black one white. During each rads they still mark me with pen to identify the tattoos so I wouldn’t wear nice bras as they could get damaged and wired ones could end up rubbing. Have had no trouble so far and have only been slapping on the aqueous cream. Good luck.

I don’t start my rads until the 22nd May , but am already looking at finding comfy things to wear.

I have had to go up 2 cup sizes already due to lymphoedema in my left breast , and at the moment I have been buying my bras from M&S , they do large cup sizes but only on line not in their stores .I find this so frustrating … must look into their maternity bras .

The nurse has warned me that I might burn , blister and be too sore to wear a bra…but that is just not an option with my boobs…so if anyone does find a good solution …I would love to hear.


I too have big boobs and burned very badly during rads;skin split under boob etc.I used non wired support bras and folded a pantyliner[those with silk are best]round the band of the bra which stopped it rubbing.I also blew a cold hairdryer on the sore bits and that hastened healing.Good Luck xx

THe cold hair dryer sounds good Horace! Did your skin take a long time to heal? Are you OK with ordinary bras now? I find M&S a frustrating experience!

Hi ladies I completed my radiotherapy last month. I wore vests with hidden support and found these the most comfortable. Even non-wired bra’s were uncomfortable if I wore a bra I found myself loosening it on the way home and couldn’t wait to take it off! Instead of taking shoes off as I come in the door I now take my wig off then the bra!! Love Brenda xx

Hi ladies I finished my rads 18th march and only started sore itchy burn two weeks after, was given flamazine for the problem. I got a bra with a thick soft band so no rubbing from M and S , and the assistants were lovely. My skin still looks like a scabby burns victim in places it is only going very slowly has anybody else had problems? Can you bare to touch your scar site I feel like I am touching a dead body …Hugs ABBY…

I haven’t started my rads (1st today! Hurray!!) - but I have bought some - hopefully - suitable bras.

My problem was finding non wired, cotton etc - in a large cup size. I don’t look big - in the cleavage area, but have breast tissue at the side (well - yes - OK fat!!) which needs to strapped into an E cup. Wish it looked as impressive as it sounds!!

Anyway - have bought - from M&S, a pack of two, marked at £12 for the pack. They are wired, but I’ve taken the wires out, and they are basically OK, gape a little bit at the front - but only you can see that! - when you look down!

They come as 2X white, or 1Xblack + 1X beige. When I went to pay - there was a further 25% off, so the 4 came in at less than £18! Bargain!! Not lovely, not pretty, but will be fine for the duration, I think?

Good luck to all being zapped,

Like Brenda, I’m favouring stretchy vest tops, but am not exactly well-endowed. I did try a bra one day and also couldn’t wait to get home & take it off. Itchy or what!
Abby - interesting to hear you say your skin problems only kicked in after treatment. I have my last session today, and so far just a little pink, but one patch is getting increasingly itchy, with little raised patches like heat rash. I’m fighting the urge to scratch!
Good luck all x