Radiotherapy - will I be ok to wear soft bra?

 I had my surgery at the end of September 22. It was a lump removed combined with breast reduction. It all went pretty smoothly with no complications (except my reaction to anesthetic and pain meds - another story). 

The time for radiotherapy is approaching. I have 5 days of the entire breast. 

My question is what can I expect in way of soreness/pain? Will I be able to wear a soft bra or do I need to get some loose shirts I can go bra less in? 



you should be ok wearing your bra… I had couple of bamboo bras and it worked great.As long as you will moisturise your skin as i used to be a bit sore around the nipple area.

btw I had 15 sessions …


Thanks for asking Jan as I start my 5 day radiotherapy on 21st November.  I had been wondering this myself as I will be travelling on the tube to the hospital and am a 36GG, so it’s not really possibly to go without a bra - I could always sing Swing Low Sweet Chariot if I had to I suppose.  I was told by the radiographer that soreness and tiredness often don’t kick in until 2-3 weeks after the treatment ends. I found wearing a bra in bed helped tremendously after the surgery but doubt that will be comfortable after rads. 

You also have my sympathy re reaction to the GA - I had no idea you could vomit for over 24 hrs and I wasn’t right (arguably still not, particularly re giddiness) for almost three weeks. 

Good luck with your treatment. 

I have bought some teenage bras from new look. They are the only ones I could find in 100% soft cotton and are great and cheap. They are those pull on sort of crop top variety and the most comfortable ones I’ve found. Better than all those expensive specialist ones that you don’t need a couple of months post surgery. And I’ve been wearing them after radio sessions.  Had one week of them and a bit of soreness but mostly fatigue.  Best of luck with it xx

A soft bra or sports bra will be fine. 

I too had 15 sessuons, which finished 10 fays ago - my nipple is super sore but thankfully the awful skin reaction i had, which burnt + stabbed, is now almost gone

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