Radiotherapy with implants

Following chemotherapy last year and a bilateral mastecomy with immediate implants, I am currently on No.11 of 15 of radiotherapy treatment to the left breast. Skin is in tact and pink. However feeling very stretched and swollen and the scar areas very uncomfortable. I am so scared of capsular contracture and know there is nothing I can do to prevent it. Whilst i only have 4 more treatments to go, I know the peak of treatment is still to come a wk to 2 after you finish. Just wondered if anyone out there is going or has gone through similar. Using Aveeno cream morning and night with Aloe vera after the treatment. The implant does not feel hard and I am desperately hoping that once I reach a peak, things will settle… Feeling scared, fragile and weak…

Apologies if I’ve misunderstood but it sounds as if you’re using cream before treatment.

Hi, I hope this is all in the past for you. I am faced with a similar dilema. Can I ask what the outcome was regarding how your implants were affected?