Hi lovelylegs

Welcome to the forums, I hope you will find them a great source of support and information.

Whilst you wait for the other users to reply with their experience you may find it useful to read the BCC booklet on radiotherapy. If you would like to order a copy or read this on line just follow the link below:-*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/137/

I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes Sam, BCC facilitator

Hello May, yup my rads made me pretty tired - sort of in a slow and gradual way that i didn;t really notice at first, but then realised one day how little I felt like doing. 5 months since I finished and bouncing right back. best Nicola

Hi May

I had my first of 15 sessions (3 weeks) yesterday afternoon. In Oxford.

Went very well; staff were lovely gave me advice on what to do when I got home (put a vest on rather than a bra & apply aqueous). Told me whole process so nothing worried me. No soreness or feeling tired as only day 1.

As I understand it this can build gradually, in my case I’ve been told will probably notice it towards end of week 2. In case I do I have arranged to go on half-days at work for third week if needed. My appointments are generally late afternoon which means I hope to work as full-time as I can; I’m lucky the hospital is only a couple of miles from the office I work in

I don’t need to go to reception after first visit as I was given a card with a bar code on; so you book yourself in each day.

OH bought me some flowers; my manager also gave me some & when I got home found my mum had cooked us a cottage pie in case we were late. Didn’t have last night but looking forward to it tonight.

Big cross in diary that 1 down & 14 to go!

Best wishes

hi may,
when do u start rt?
i started last week .ive just had 8th one out of 31. i go everyday mon to fri but get wkends off. keep putting lots of aqua cream on .noticed today my breast seems firmer but no soreness as yet, touch wood. rach xx

Hi Rach
Started last week bit scared at first I only need 15 sessions, all the nurses there are so kind. Going back to work after all this. So scary isnt it cancer.


Hi Rach

I had as many as you , make sure you keep using the cream, and if poss let your breast ‘breath’ maybe in the evening. Also ask for Aloe Vera Gel its really cooling on the skin in the evenings ( but you still need to use the Aqua if your skin doesn’t break)

The last week I was given a thin foam dressing (they began with M I will dig the name out Mepilex thats it ) , again i found these amazing, though you sometimes have to ask for them as they are expensive.

May , Make sure you take time to rest, and drink plenty of water, remember the radiotherapy continues to ‘cook’ your skin for up to 10 days after your last session so take keep that in mind.

rhi x

rihan thanks for advice . when did soreness start for you ? i’m dreading it. rach xx

Hi lovelylegs
I have just finished 5 weks of radio. Didn’t feel sore or tired the whole time, but now, the first week aferwards, I have found it diffucult galvanising myself to do anything! Before that I had been out and walked every day, even the day after they operated on me for the 2nd time!
Keep healthy, eat well and keep well hydrated and try to walk a little every day. They say that the fitter you are, the less side effects you suffer.
I have felt much better today and been gardening all morning, using hubby to dig the holes1 (still too painful from the op on my breast and arm for that!)

Hi Rach

sorry hadn’t been on here for a day or two. My skin didn’t start playing up until about session 25 the last few days were the worse, and thhe week after.

rhi xx