just thought i would post for anyone feeling jittery-i’ve had 10-got 5 left and it’s going okay-good luck everyone-stella x

I’m at exactly the same place. the most tiring thing is the round trip, which for me takes 3 hours out of the day. Skin holding up well, although I’m getting very bored with E45. Going on a ferry to France a couple of weeks after I finish, and feel the need to buy a very nice perfumed body lotion! Well, that’s my excuse :slight_smile:

i’m going on hols a couple of weeks after i finish-might just join you in the smelly stuff dept !!!

Hi girls,

Hope you have a lovely holiday. Just remember not to put the smelly stuff on your Rads area for several weeks yet.


thanx emmbee x

i was just wondering what is a safe time to leave creams and deodorant. some people seem to break out as long as three weeks after finnishing rads

Radiotherapists told me three weeks, BCN told me 4 weeks. Just to be on the safe side I waited until I had my post rads check and carried on using aqueous cream until then. My skin has been really good, actually massaged the cream under my arm also and the scar is non existent, or perhaps whoever stitched me up was just a good seamstress!!


HI Ladies,

Yes, up to four weeks is best to wait. There is no need to wait to use creams to help with scarring as long as you use the right cream. I found that Aloe Vera with Bee Propolis was fantastic. Smooth it on, don’t rub. This is quite expensive so just use it on the Rads area. Some surgeons use steri strips instead of stitches so the scar is almost non-existant. I was lucky with mine.

Can’t help re the deodorant oal as I had all my glands removed so no sweat to deodorise.