Just want to know people’s experience if radiotherapy for bone mets in the hip? Any experience or advice that you can share would be very helpful xx

I had a single blast of radiotherapy to my lower back to reduce the pain from the bone mets in my spine. All straightforward but I was sick after - just the once. No other side effects accept no more pain!

Hi, I haven’t had rads to my hip 'cos I had it replaced but I have had rads to sacrum, sternum and spine, no problems and almost instant pain relief. Hope all goes well for you. x

Hi. I’ve recently completed a course of rads to the hip (last week of August). Had already had one large shot a couple of years ago which helped. This time, scans etc showed the pain was a mix of mets and osteoarthritis. Had four sessions. Effects are not immediate and I had to carry on with the painkillers I was already on to deal with the original pain as rads an sometimes inflame the area and make pain worse before it gets better. Rads can also make you tired and I have certainly struggled with this but it could have been other treatments causing it - who knows…


Now - am weaning off the extra codeine-based painkillers and the hip pain is definitely better than pre-rads. Probably what’s left is osteoarthritis. In my opinion, It’s worth a shot (scuse the pun).


Had rads to other hip about 3 years ago but ultimately had a hip replacement. Brilliant! But as am on chemo at present, surgery for this hip not an option…


Hope this helps!


I have had rads to both hips in ther last few months. I was a bit unsure about how successful the rads would be to the right hip as I also have arthritis and to be honest I did not notice any massive improvement until I had rads to the left hip. I did have a reaction to the first lot of rads as they clipped the bowel so days of running to the loo involved and lots of immodium. I did feel tired-as much to do with travelling every day for 5 days for treatment. You may also feel nauseus but I find citazine deals with that. They warn you that you may get flare up and the pain may be worse before it gets better. I did not have any reaction to my second lot of rads and had immediate relif from the pain,whereas I am only just now benefitting from the first blast. They think it might be because I am now walking better and more upright ( I did rely on a walking stick previously and tended to lean to one side. So all in all a big success for me. You may also get tender skin but I did not find that, aloe vera usually deals with that. You may get immediate relief or it may take a while but I really hope it works for you. I am also on MSL so have good pain relief. Good luck xx