I see oncologist on tues to find out when I start my treatment, I know I have to have radiotherapy every day for 3wks.
Anyone who has been here will know how nervous I am feeling, any help would be appreciated.

Hello there,

I know how you must be feeling and can sympathise with your anxieties, I felt the same before I started my 15 sessions of Radiotherapy on the 19th, so am now about halfway through - 7 down & 8 to go. Everything will be explained to you before you start your sessions, which don’t take any longer than 15-20 minutes. I must admit I’m not enjoying the travelling to and from the hospital - the Royal Sussex County in Brighton - from my home in Hailsham every day, which can be tiring in itself, but I’m used to the routine now. It helps to have someone with you sometimes, but you’ll probably see the same people every day doing the same as you, which can help as you start to swap stories about your own cancer journey. I wish you all the best with your treatments, it really isn’t anything to worry about - I always tell people I’m at the good end of my journey now and the worst is over …   

Hi Jenny. I finished radiotherapy in September and also had 15 sessions. You have a planning session first where they mark you with 3 or 4 tiny tattoos so they can get the exact position every time you have a radiotherapy treatment. I was lucky in that I didn’t have any skin problems, although it’s very common. There’s a thread called ‘DECEMBER rads’ you can join, where you will get lots of support and advice from ladies who are having treatment at the same time. We all feel nervous at the start - it’s fear of the unknown really. Once you have your treatment plan hopefully you will feel better xx

Thank you so much for replying quickly, I only joined the forum this morning after speaking to
A cancer care nurse, I don’t know about you but I felt so alone in all this and have to realise sooo many women are dealing with this too.
I wish you well and thanks again.

Thank you Gill for replying so quickly, I only joined the forum this morning, so amazed I had 2 replys already.
I had my surgey on the 16th, how long after seeing oncologist did you start radiotherapy?
Do you also use the volunteer drivers from C.C?
Sorry for all the questions, I was only told yesterday what was going to happen and you don’t take it all in.
I wish I was at your stage in treatment, can I also ask if you will be receiving any Tamoxifen as I have to take this too for 5yrs.

Thanks Nikif,don’t know how you can work with all this going on, thanks for yr reply and keep well.

Thank you Eileen, your message has really cheered me up as I have been so scared and anxious about this, I was only diagnosed 3wks ago and had surgery over a week ago, it is all so quick, I haven’t had time to digest a lot of what I was told but all your messages today has helped and I may be able to sleep tonight!
Like you Eileen I look after my grandaughter who lives next door and need to get well for her.I hope you continue to keep well.

Thanks Gill and hope you keep well too.

Hi ladies
I have to have an extra 4 sessions of radiotherapy as some cancer cells were found outside the lymph glands although lymph nodes are free off cancer, I have 1st appointment next week for C.T scan then to start radiotherapy in 2 to 3 wks, just in time for Christmas, when you only get that day off.
Anyone taking Tamoxifen? I start it tonight, , interested in yr comments.

Hi Nikki, we will definitely be going through rads together, just a pity you are in the south and I am in Scotland.
Thankfully I read your message about taking tamoxifen at night, so I am just about to take it with trepidation! ! Let me know how you get on tomorrow. Hopefully you only need 15 sessions.

Hi. It varies for us all. I waited 6 weeks from diagnosis to op then 13 weeks from op to rads. So busy as the hospital had been overwhelmed with BC cases this year - interesting!! Eileen. I’m on Anastrozole and apart from initial hair thinning, I have no other symptoms after 3 months. Maybe I’m lucky! Do have thinning bones though, so am on Adcal.

Nikki I thought I was bad getting 19 rads, most women get 15, did they say why you get extra.
If its the same C.T scan I have had before its like a donut, its the only way I can describe it, nothing to it, its the fear of the unknown.

At least you get to enjoy Christmas Nikki, hope I am the same.
Haven’t started tamoxifen yet, , something is holding me back, cancer nurse told me there is no rush, take them when I am ready.