Does anyone else get fed up with friends saying JUST radiotherapy to go now!

i don’t think they understand how I feel.  Just feeling like a grump today. Barbara 

Hello! Definitely not just you. I’m a grumpalump today and struggling with some well intentioned but poorly phrased comments too! Xx

Can I just say - & sorry this is negative- but it gets worse once you’ve finished radiotherapy because friends who haven’t had cancer think that is it then, you’re over it, cured. If you have friends who’ve had BC they will understand that it doesn’t end there. Wishing you all the best with your radiotherapy xx

Thanks Anita. Honesty is the refreshingly wonderful thing about this site and much needed. The most recent comment was “well you’ve only got to take a tablet” xx

OMG me too!!!

The favourite that everyone keeps saying to me is “nearly there, only radiotherapy to go, it’s a walk in the park compared to chemo”. Oh really! Well they haven’t been through what we’ve all been through so how the f*** do they know! And most of our lives have completely changed since bc so no we’re not nearly there - far from it!!!

Terri ?

My smiling sweetly face is getting a little strained!! X

Thanks for all your replies.  I’m glad I’m not alone. x