I finished radiotherapy in July and have since had a really bad rash which has become incredibly sore. Just been diagnosed with radiotherapy dermititis, has anyone has this and no of a good treatment

I haven`t been that bad but I am still sensitive where I had the radiotherapy even though its been 4 weeks since I finished.
My skin gets itchy and there are raised red bumps in the skin which seem to be worse now than when I finished.

jennip and MargaretC

I registered today to let you know what I am trying .Hope this gets to you both.
My trouble started after the 5th radiotherapy session last week. . My skin had red blotches which looked and felt sore and very itchy.The radiotherapist told me to stop using the aqueous cream for a few days. No improvement and the itchiness was driving me mad.She then told me to put a thin layer of aqueous cream on the rash ,and gave me hydrocortisone cream to put on top of that twice daily.
She advised taking anti histamine tablets to relieve the itchiness.A pharmacist at Lloyds recommended Piriton and I’ve found they really help,especially after taking one before bed.
The red blobs are also above where I had the radiotherapy and its early days yet to see if the hyrocortisone cream helps.
Hope this helps