I finish my 15 radiotherapy fractions tomorrow, post a lumpectomy in November. it has gone well and am only now just getting sore. Tiredness has been a problem, though having a little nap most afternoons has sometimes helped. The doctor informs me this next week will be the worst for the skin and how I may feel.  

 I have used E45 lotion night and morning and it has helped the itching.

I have had a problem getting bras that feel comfortable as they seem to upset the scar from where the nodes were excised. Sports bras as suggested haven’t helped.

I wish I had found this forum before as it is helpful seeing other people’s posts, it seems vest bras are the way to go but I think it probably a little late in treatment for me to get them now.

I have been lucky as I was one of the 50% of ladies over 70 years of age (I am 71) that was called back for mammogram and so my cancer was found early. It is a scary experience but I have been impressed by everyone I have been cared by. 

All luck to everyone on this forum it has been good to read your posts.

Hi Ms Henderson,


I’ve just read your post from yesterday so you must have had your last radiotherapy session now. Congratulations, are you doing anything nice to celebrate? I finished radiotherapy 6 weeks ago and am pretty much getting on with life as usual. I didn’t suffer particularly with side effects although my skin remains dry and itchy. I had a review with my oncologist last week and he advised to continue moisturizing 2-3 months post treatment. I also make sure that I drink plenty of water. I remember feeling especially tired at the end of treatment and for the next couple of weeks. Just listen to your body and if you need to take it easy, then do. It sounds as though you are doing this. I just feel tired on the days I go to work now, which I did before anyway as I’m a nurse so it’s physically demanding!


Best wishes to you and take things easy for a while xx