I have posted this for new user Trina,

Jo, Facilitator

To Lilacblush, today was my final treatment after a long 10 months. I couldn’t have put anything you wrote differently. So, why no confetti or bands playing!!!

Well done on getting to the end of a long 10 months of treatment - I take my hat off to you, I hope you have enuff energy to celebrate. I think we should campaign for confetti and a brass band at the end of treatment. I just had chocolate cake.

Don’t forget that although the daily rads are finished they still carry on working for a while afterwards… keep up with the skin care and get some rest (hehehe - says the one who went back to work full-time the day after rads finished). I’m 3 weeks post rads and the difference in my skin is amazing - almost back to normal with just the bit at the scar line still dry and flaky - my skin was fairly well behaved throughout so I think that helped. How has your skin behaved? what about tiredness - is that a problem for you? … I had days where I felt like I had been hit with a spade… but again that is getting much better. I’m managing to not need a nap after work these days but do have to be sensible about bedtime … I don’t even think about watching anything on telly that starts after 9pm!

Well done for getting to the end. I had to make do with chocolate cake too.

i echo all the advice given by Lilacblushes :- keep up with the skin care and if you go out in the sun cover up.

looking at the length of time you have been treated presume you’ve had chemo too. the feeling at the end of rads is a bit like the euphoria at the end of chemo but like chemo beware of the sting in the tail (you may feel more tired for a while). i did but it is passing (finished tx 7 days ago)

so well done ,give yourself a treat and maybe we’ll suggest the permanent brass band for everyone finishing treatment.


I finished rads today as well - YIPPEE I celebrated by booking flights to go an see my brother.

My doctor said that sometimes it is still hard, emotionally, after treatment has finished. It is still OK to ask for help and continue to talk to friends here or in another support group.

Good luck Tina

with love Pauline

Well done Pauline on getting to the end of your rads and booking your flights to go see your brother. remember to take care of yourself and continue with the skin care and resting when you need it.