I am currently having radiotherapy on both breasts five days a week… approaching day 10 … whoppee double figures and nearly half way point.

Is anyone else in the same boat?  Some days I can tackle it quite positively and others not so… there is no rhyme or reason.

Hi Eglis,

Just a quick post until someone currently having radio replies to you…

I had radio about 6 years ago…(I’m doing okay and come back to the forum to give back and keep in touch with a few people). It is perfectly normal to feel quite positively some days and not so on others. Many women describe the bc treatment journey as bit of a rollercoaster.

Take one day at a time, keep applying the cream provided, gently do the exercises (the same ones as from your op), be kind to yourself, rest for awhile if you need to or if you get fatigue, and try to get a bit of exercise such as a gentle walk. 

You’ll complete your sessions soon enough, just continue to be kind and compassionate to yourself and for awhile after radio as your body recovers.

Sending a very gentle virtual hug,


Hello Eglis,

Just wondered if you had checked out the Radiotherapy thread on Going through breast cancer treatment. The Top tips and practical support thread you posted on is quite quiet. I know you’ve nearly finished your rads but there are some posts on the Radiotherapy thread that you could connect with.

I had radiotherapy late 2019 and I do remember feeling quite emotional during it and found it all a bit surreal.