hi all me again …before you start rads what happens first what do they do b4 it starts…im so worried bout this …i get my results back tomoz and i no i having rads just wanna no what i have to do ? xx

snap I am starting soon and don’t have a clue what happens!!

J x

Hi Ladies,

There’s some excellent PDFs on the main site that may help you.

What happened with me was - I had a planning session, I laid on the board whilst my Onc, drew on me, I had my tattoos (I didn’t feel a thing), then had a ct. I then had a simulation visit, about a week later, this is where they check the measurements.

I think it was a week later that Rads started.

I’m sure your hospitals will explain all when you go for your first planning session.

Good luck - its not too bad!


thank you annie xx

were do i find this imformation again sorry xx

Here you go…

Hope it helps


My experience was very similar, had a planning session, got put in position and had two tattoos done, one under my arm and the other one on the cleavage. The oncologist then came in and did some lovely drawing in felt tip, this is the area they want covered, then they put some tape on - this is so the scanner can pick up the marks. Then they did the scan which didn’t take too long. They also took a photo of the markings in case they needed them later. Then I had it done again in a new position for my boosts as the lump was on the side of my boob I was laying on my side for the last 5 sessions.

On the first day of the main rads sessions I had to get there 20 minutes earlier and a radiography went through any questions I had, the side effects and made sure I understood what to do with putting cream on, fragrance free soap etc… The actual sessions dont take too long, probably takes longer to get you in position than it does to zap you, I was zapped from two different positions, for the first few sessions they came in to move the machine and check that I hadnt moved, once they are confident you are not moving they move the machine from their control room. They also draw on you every day, this was fine until I was going out straight from the hospital and was wearing a top where you could see all the black marker lol


is it correct that you cannot wear deodreont(spelt wrong) and only to shower with certain soaps?
J x

Hi J

Yep, no deo under " bad boob" arm and i was recommended Simple soap for showering.


shame the weather is warm will have to go round with a bell and shouting unclean!!!
J x

Same as the other gals - planning session, ct scan tatoos and dummy run on the machine. NB wear an old bra as the ink marks it also the prosthesis if you have one. Nothing to worry about, piece of cake except for the parking.

I was told I could use an aluminium free deoderant that they sold at the hospital and first they said a non-scented soap and when I started to glow a bit they suggested nothing but Simple soap, then when it got a bit redder they said to wash with aqueous cream. Also they said to use either E45 or Aqueous cream 2 or 3 times daily.

I followed all suggestions and my skin didn’t break even though I got quite red early on, probably started to get a bit sore after 5th or 6th session but didnt seem to get much worse over 20 sessions - I had the benefit of Christmas and New Year so had a few bank holidays to give me a few extra days off.


I went for a planning session about a week before the rads started. I had 5 tattoos done, four were painless but the one on my sterum hurt and bled. It was difficult maintaining the position with arm above head for 40 mins. Having said that, my 15 rads seem a lifetime ago and they finished at the end of Feb.


I had my planning session one week before RADS. It started with a chat with the team who would be doing the RADS and I was also showed where my machine was.
My planning was done on a simulator, it looked very similar to the linear acc. I was drawn upon, measured etc and then had 7 tattoos surrounded my chest area.
It was all very well organised. My tip to cope without deo was to bring a flannel and soap to RADS and a change of top. Then if I felt whiffy I could deal with it.

Good luck xx

I am due to start rads soon. I have an appointment to see the oncologist at my local hospital on Tuesday. Does anyone know if this is likely to be the planning session mentioned in this thread, or would that have to be done at the hospital the rads will be delivered at?
Thanks - I really don’t know what to expect.

I see my onc in Winchester, but my planning session was in SOuthamptom which is where they do the rads.

Yes my planning session was also at the hospital where I had my Rads, which isnt my local hospital. ALso the appointment letter made it clear it was for Rads planning and they told me when my first treatment appointment was. I didnt get the timings for the others until my first appointment.


Thank you both, - presumably this appointment will outline what is planned.