Rads after mastectomy

Rads after mastectomy

Rads after mastectomy Hi everyone - felt as if I was just getting back on my feet after a left mastectomy 2 weeks ago , only to find out I have to have 4 weeks of rads - I had no invasion, but alot of DCIS that went within .2mm of my chest wall. I know I should feel relieved that everything has gone, but just feel battered & bruised 7 exhausted. I don’t understand that if there was no invasion how I can still be at risk of reoccurence. Any simaler experiences out there?

Ask the Nurse / Helpline Hi Felicity

Ask the Nurse service via the link below:


may be of help with your query or you could call the helpline on 0808 800 6000
Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

The team is able to talk about issues surrounding breast cancer and breast health. I am sure you would be able to clarify some of the questions you have

Kind regards

Breast Cancer Care

For Felicity Im sorry to hear that you have to have rads after what you have just been through, you must be emotionally drained.

Im going in for a mastectomy on 27th Nov on right breast with expander implant straight afterwards, and at present have been told that I shouldn’t require rads, but im trying to take each step as it comes.

I hope you get some info back from those more experienced in this weird new world we have joined, but if not can I suggest talking to your bcn who may be able to offer you more info.

Take care of yourself.


Same here. Hi Felicity,
I am currently having rads, had 10 out of 15. I had extensive DCIS , mastectomy with DIEP reconstruction on 24th Sept. When the biopsy of the removed breast came through it was decided that I needed rads and tamoxifen. I was so upset, wanted surgery to have ended it, I felt as though I had been through enough already and this was just another reminder that I wasn’t calling the shots. Cancer means lack of control and uncertainty about the future for me.

All my lymph nodes (8) were clear but one of the areas of DCIS only had 3mm clearance of the skin on the reconstructed breast (10mm is the minimum). My understanding is that rads is a precaution to kill any cancer cells that escaped the scalpel before they travel to other parts of the body. I am having rads to a very specific area of the breast. The shape of the beam is controlled by a lead mould (think stencil) over the beam, which lines up with the same shape drawn on my skin (oh, the glamour!) and it is electron radiation which is a disrete beam so it doesn’t trail off but ends abruptly. I’m slightly pink so far, staff are lovely, daily appointments are tedious, a bit like groundhog day…

Hope that helps- post me again if theres anything else you want to know. Be kind to yourself, you’ve had a lot to deal with.
Barbara x

Rads Hi Felicity,
I had my mastectomy in July but my hep2 test was positive so I had chemo which ended last month and I’m now having rads. Don’t worry about the rads as they are easy to get through. So far I’ve had 6 out of 15 and have no discomfort. The aqueous cream they gave me helps.
I had invasive DCIS which was removed during the mastectomy and this treatment I’m having is to prevent the cancer from returning. After the rads are over I’ll be on herceptin for a year.
I know how you feel as I felt the same during the chemo but some how you get through the treatments. I see it as another hurdle to get over with the finish line in sight.
Good luck.


Thank you Thanks for the information & your feelings on the treatment. It seems just as you are coming through to the end , they trip you up - but yes you are right that it is important to make sure nothing comes back to bite us… my margin was only 0.3mm, and so there is a “substantial” (their words) risk of reoccurence.

Hope that you are all getting through ok & really appreciate you time & thoughts. This forum is a big support.