Rads and cola!

I remember reading somewhere about the benefits of drinking cola after rads, but can’t remember why it was supposed to help or how much to drink. Has anyone else come across this?

Hi Lilac,
I found sipping diet coke helped me with the nausea I felt.

Louise, wS you nauseous on rads???

you’re at it again Vickie!! I have not felt any nausea, and not expecting any

Argh you spotted me! No I was asking for my friend deb. X

Hi Lilac,
I read the same in “your life in your hands” by Jane Plant but can’t remember the details either. I will try to find my book and let you know.

Hi girls. I just read that last night in Jane plants book. Your life in your hands. She says that drinking coke gets rid of the radiation quickly from your body.
Seems like a good book. An awful lot to read tho.
Polly xx

Is it worth buying, as I am interested but not so much in the non-dairy theory, as I eat very little dairy anyway…

SM422 - I think it is worth reading. The book was written some time ago but her theories on Insulin Like Growth Factors have now been confirmed by more recent research, and is a very hot button issue in cancer research. My oncologist even told me last week that diabetic drugs are now being trialled for breast cancer to try and control IGF’s. But if you don’t eat much dairy, maybe Anti-Cancer a new way of life" by Dr David Servan Screiber would be more interesting for you.

I vaguely remember the coke comment too - worth a try.

finty xx

Thanks for the tip re.; cola and rads- I start mine on 4th Jan so will give it a go.

Happy Christmas everyone.


Ummmmm, i do wonder what actual evidence Jane Plant has re Cola and Radiation, does she have any ?? as it does sound a bit Bizarre to me to be honest , though of course if people want to give it a go , it cant do any harm i guess,

Jane Plant has many different theories and makes many different claims,but unfortuneately she only ever provides “antedotal” evidence which to date has never been proven or backed up by the medical profession or any scientific evidence ,
I think it is worth remembering that Jane Plant is a “Geologist” (studies rocks) and while she is highly respected in her field , she has no medical training/degree whatsoever, though she does profess to have cures for many illnesses ,(i think shes on her 7th book?)she is certainly doing very well from the proceeds anyway. as are a few others .
She also has many critics, Cancer Research UK being one of her biggest.

Personaly, (and this is just my view)id save my money on the so called anti cancer books out there, because if any of them worked we would certainly know about it by now , but thats just my view ,and i know others may feel very differently,
All the best and Merry Christmas to all.
Linda x

The Jane Plant debate goes on.it’s like daja vu.Iv’e put a link to a thread from nearly 4 years ago and there have been many inbetween lol.not going to get caught in another lol.

But she has made a shed load of money.Not bad for a Geologist :wink:

jane plant

Best wishes Melxx

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this one did :slight_smile:


Hi Linda
That’s kinda how I feel myself in rational moments, although another part of me thinks anything is worth a go. That’s what cancer fear does to you. It will be interesting to look back in a few years and see what progress has been made in cancer treatment. Having spoken to someone treated 8 years ago, it’s amazing the advances in treatment that have been made, and the better control of side effects.

Chemo is such a blunt instrument and radiotherapy not a whole lot better but so much better than the alternative… I for one would feel more in control of my health if diet proved to be a major contributory factor, but somehow I doubt it will be. Happy to be proved wrong though!
Lilac x

Hi Mel - I’m not going to get dragged in either! But …Jane Plant gave a lecture to the oncology department at Guys and St Thomas’s recently - where they were apparently very impressed by both her and her work, and she told them all the money from her books goes to cancer charities. I’ve no reason to doubt this and it is checkable.

Her work on Insulin and IGF’s is now so mainstream that drugs to combat it are being trialled for breast cancer as we speak.

finty xxx

Hiya Mel, Merry Christmas to you x

Im also not going to get caught up in the Jane Plant topic again either, because i usealy end up getting bruised and battered!, its something like you say that has been debated endlessly for years and years on this forum and proberly will do so for years and years to come. so it bores me a bit these days to be honest,
I hope Jane Plant will now give some of her book sales to cancer research because on her website she says the majority of her book sales go to her students (studying rocks)so one of my gripes with people like Jane Plant and other authors of these “i can cure cancer books,” is that if they were indeed genuine and their theories were creditable, 1,the medical profession would be useing them as treatments and 2,they would donate their royalties to cancer research and not line their own pockets!!

The debate about the IGF-I issue is that “Very High” amounts of IGF is now considered a “moderate” risk factor in cancer development,but of course we all have IGF naturaly in our bodies too, infact breast feeding women have very high amounts of IGF.I,much more so than you could ever get from eating any dairy .
Tim Key from EPIC in his recent email (which i put up on the red meat thread)confirmed that they have found no strong link re diet and breast cancer , he also told us that although relatively high blood concentrations of IGF-I do have a moderately higher risk for developing breast cancer compared to women with relatively low IGF- , more research is needed to clarify
the importance of IGF-I. .
Im not going to say anymore on the subject as like others here i dont want to get dragged back in,so over and out from me!!

Hiya Lilac,
I do understand what cancer fear does to us, and quite naturaly we all go looking for reasons as to why we got cancer in the first place, so we all research and research and try to find any possible cures out their to help us, but cancer by its nature is a very complex desease and likely has many factors ,so there is no easy answers or quick fixes unfortuneately.

There isnt any harm in trying any different approaches alongside proven cancer treatments if people think it will help, even if it just gives them a feeling of being back in control, but for me (and this is my view only)my life is in the hands of the experts,thats the doctors/medical teams/oncologists/cancer research scientists who have far more expertise and knowledge than i ever will have no matter how much i research or read on the internet.
We all need to do whats right for us at the end of the day ,as we are all very different and we will all hold very different views ,but i wish everyone all the very best and good luck to everyone whatever path you decide to follow.
Take care
Linda x

Merry Xmas to you too Linda, and Finty and everyone XxxxX