Rads and Exercise

Hello everybody. I had an info session today at my radiotherapy department and was told no exercise (to build up muscles) for 4 months post treatment! We were told to keep up the daily mobility exercises to stretch scar tissue but nothing else. Is this the advice everyone is given? I had hoped to start yoga or gentle jogging as I was quite fit before diagnosis. Plus I’m sure I’ve seen a few posts saying people have gone back to the gym soon after rads …

Hi ,I was told the opposite ie that exercise helped with side effects from the treatment ,do they mean strenuous high impact gym work?I guess it’s getting the balance right.I was walking for up to 2 hours a day with my dog after about 4 weeks.I would ask for more advice .

I was told the opposite too. He just said as long as I don’t over do it and listen to my body to carry on as much as I can. He knew it was weight training I do. The only thing I dont train now is my chest as the tumour removed was very close to my chest wall… Im on my 6th session of Rads so trying to keep fit as much as I can, might not be up to it next week. 



Edit: thinking about it he did say it all depends on the type of sugery, where it was and if any of the nodes were removed etc. My lump was small and so a smallish scar. I had 3 nodes removed and all were clear and it has healed up great. 

I think the logic is if you build up too much muscle your tatts will move with the skin as the muscle grows and they wont be treating the correct area when they line you up using the little dot tatts , its the same reason they ask you not to lose or put on too much weight if you can help it. So exercise is OK but the sort that builds lots of muscle quickly isnt x

I get that during treatment, but why would it apply for 4 months after? My lot have said do whatever you like during & after as long as you don’t cause chafing under your arm. xx

Maybe because tissues are a little damaged and need time to repair building muscle may stretch them and damage them ?not sure but I will ask some people I work with who may know. Maybe its an interpetation they read a paper and saw it that way but most people arent going to be going and turning into arnold schwarzenegger straight after treatment. Ive been told to excercise as much as im up to at every stage of my treatment. I met my personal trainer yesterday who works specifically with cancer patients recovering they fully expect me to be exercising during rads .

Jen x

Jen I went to a post rads/lymphoedema course & they said from a rads perspective that there is no limitation on sports after 4 weeks, but from a lymphoedema viewpoint, small & often to start with,  building up your stamina is recommended. The example they gave was don’t play a full tennis match, just play for half an hour.  This is a bit useless as all my tennis sessions are 2 hours grrr.  When I countered with that, she said I shouldn’t necessarily have the expectation of returning to exactly how I was before.  Very depressing woman. No doubt she would recommend 6 holes of golf rather than 18, but it kind of defeats the object! xx

Got to love them! They have no idea how these normal things are what we long to do. I guess you just need to build up slowly and we will get there !

Can’t wait to get back on the tennis courts. I feel fit enough to play now but cording holding me back. We’ll get there. Bibi, our lovely coach suggested I start with the soft balls the kids use…xx

Good plan. Start with them & work up. One of my tennis friends broke her wrist in Nov & is looking to restart so I have a partner in crime. Can’t imagine playing with some hard hitters any time soon, but my coach has said I can gate crash any of the easier sessions as long as it gets me back on court. We have another mate who is a) very nice & b) never hits the ball that hard, so we are planning on trying to find a 4th & have a few games like that to start with. Shame we are at different clubs or you could join in! x

I’ve been to my gym and set up a recovery workout which has no chest or arm work. Still has a high cardiovascular part. I’m due a call on Monday about my rads and will ask them about carrying on during treatment. I can understand the reasoning behind arm and shoulder workouts but anything else does not make sense. I can almost here them saying listen to your body.
Bibi hope you’re back to full strength tennis soon.x