Rads boosts

Hi, quick question. Are you told from the beginning if you will need booster rads?


Kaz xx



Yes you are.  When I saw my oncologist he told me I would have 15 regular and 5 boosters.


Helena xx

I wasn’t told about the boosts until I had my oncologist appointment a month after my operation - before this, I was told all long that it would be 15 days of radiology.

Hi ladies


I had my Oncology appointment yesterday on day 11 of final chemo cycle and found out I was having 3 weeks of radiothetapy and then a booster week due to my age (39) and I believe because my tumour was a grade 3. Both my husband and I were shocked because this booster session had not been mentioned at anytime prior to this meeting. I understand why they are doing it but mentally I had prepared for 3 not 4 weeks so feel like its a little step backwards in recovery!

Also I will be told breath holding techniques during radiotherapy treatment as tumour was in left breast (to provide heart protection)…not looking forward to that!