Rads stopped due to Low White Blood Cell count

Hello All,
I just had a visit with the oncologist today and was told that my WBC was too low and I would need a week off from radiation treatment. I completed 13/25. Has any one had this experience during radiation therapy?. I would love to hear from you all. Thanks so much.

Hi Humblepeace - how interesting. I was aware rads affected your immune system to some extent but I’ve not heard of anyone having to stop and have a break - I’ll be interested to hear if anyone else has had this experience. Take care and rest up x

Thanks Jay68,for responding.
I had low WBC during chemotherapy as well, but not low enough to stop or delay. I asked the oncologist the reason for this and he thought it was radiation. I hope others will respond with their experiences.
Happy New Year? How have you been? I pray all is well with you.

Thanks Ladybowler. I appreciate your response.
I will continue to talk with oncologist as well. Thanks again.?