Rads - 'sunkissed boob'

Rads - ‘sunkissed boob’

Rads - ‘sunkissed boob’ Just wondered, girls, whether the ‘sunkissed’ appearance of an irradiated boob ever disappears. I finished rads three months ago, and still tingle quite a lot, especially in this hot weather. Is this normal?

I realise said boob will always be firmer, but don’t know whether the colour will remain different from other boob evermore.


hello Mcgle
i finished my rads end of feb and i still have a lovely square tan i had mastec no recon so it looks great lol, i find i cant stay out in sun at all even with factor 60 suncream on as i start to tingle i wear a high neck t shirt as well but hopefully its just for this year that we have to put up with it well so my onc said ,
dawn xxx

For Dawn (dippy) Thanks for your reply.

It would seem that we will have to just put up with this appearance, though I believe with other women, the ‘tanning’ fades after a time.

Not a huge problem, though.