can anyone tell what to expect with rads coming to the end of my cmf treatment and hopefully its not as bad as the chemo though saying that chemo has’nt been that bad just the hot flushes now are getting on my nerves !!!

Hi fishmum

I have added a link to publication on Radiotherapy side effects that you may find helpful.


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Breast Cancer Care

Hi Fishmum

I finished Rads last week. Did 6 weeks, 30 sessions. I had FEC chemo and by comparison it was an absolute breeze!!! Even driving to Oncology Dept every day was’nt such a chore!!

The initial measuring takes the longest and the daily visits are very quick. I had mine 1st thing in the morning and went straight to work from there.

I got a little bit sore in the area treated, a bit like sunburn, which I have been advised can continue for up to 3 weeks after but they give you creams etc to cool that down. To be honest I forget really until changing or I knock the area. As far as fatigue goes I tend to get tired a little early in the evenings, maybe around 10ish, but I also drive a lot with my job which kind of contributes to tiredness anyway. I also have hot flushes and am sleeping almost right through thanks to the fatigue side effect so it has its plus points!!

I met lots of people as well and it was kind of like a coffee morning every day gossiping about each others experiences and you get to know all the staff too.

Everyone has different experiences I’m sure, but I really found it easy and those 6 weeks flew by.

Hope this info helps put your mind at ease.

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