Raging thirst!

No matter what or how much I drink, I cannot get rid of this raging thirst, dry mouth and feeling of dehydration. Has anybody got any suggestions, please? Thank you!
Angelfalls xx

I hear ya! I thought it was just me, I’m endlessly drinking water, green teas, fruit and nothing is quenching my thirst. If I could get my hands on an iv drip I’d be happy! I’ve just finished my second chemo, seems a little worse this time but thankfully no major horrible side effects

Hello Mulligans,

Glad to hear you’re not having any major SEs from your chemo. I’ve tried everything you mention, but still feel like I’m trekking through the desert at midday in August. Thirst like nothing I’ve ever felt before!

I hope someone comes along soon with the answer… Happy drinking!

Angelfalls xx

Hi there,

Just a thought but maybe you should be tested for diabetes, a raging thirst is a very common symptom.


Thanks for the suggestion, lbx157, but in my case it’s definitely chemo-related, as it gets better just before my next dose and resolved completely in my week off…


I am diabetic and when I was considering chemo I was told that either chemo or the steroids they often give you can make your blood sugar rise. So I think it is worth getting it checked.


Oh no! That’s all I need! Thanks, Lakeslover.