Raised heart rate after surgery

Hello all

I am 4 weeks and a bit post surgery and feeling a little better each day.  I had DCIS and had the a breast reduction including removal of the affected area (27mm x 22mm). Op was about 2.5 to 3hrs which is major surgery. Also I was pretty ill in last surgery recovery with vomiting and balance problems. And felt nauseous for over 2 wks.  I’ve got chronic constipation anyway, but had horrendous constipation, worst I’ve ever had, which has only just gone back to my normal. 

I’ve noticed that since Surgery my resting heart rate is up about 13 points. It used to be around 63 bpm but now it’s a steady 76bpm. 

I’ve also noticed my blood pressure has dropped a little (lowest was 98/72 so within normal range) but the lowest I’ve e er had, and is more erratic even when I’m sat resting.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it normal after major surgery? 

I’m 66yrs female in reasonable heath. 

Hello @Janxxx  

I’m glad to hear that your recovery is generally going well, but sorry to hear you have some concerns. 
Can I suggest that you try speaking to your nurse or (given it’s the weekend 111) about your specific concerns regarding your resting heart rate and BP as they will be able to give you better placed advice on what is considered “normal” in the circumstances?

Wishing you all the best in your continued recovery 

AM xxx