Raised liver function test

Not sure where I should be posting This, but am scared stiff. BC diagnosis in Apr 14, lumpectomy, ANC, Chemo, rads & herceptin. Recently been feeling rubbish, really tired & achy, putting on weight through eating rubbish because I just can’t muster the energy or inclination to do anything else … eventually went to gp who ordered bloods. Phoned me 2 days later to say that thyroid is a bit low ( will retest in 3 months) & vitamin d is low (will organise suppliments) but that my lft is high so referred me back to bc team.
Never been so scared in all my life, in bits on the phone to my bcn who has spoken to the consultant and they’ve arranged an urgent ct scan tomorrow and results 2 days later (This in itself worries me, how have they managed to get a scan arranged on a Friday afternoon for the Monday?? Didn’t manage that through private medical insurance last time?!)
I have two small children 4 & 6 … I can’t leave them. I’m in such a state I’ve barely left bed in 3 days & now I have pain in the liver area, tender to touch & when I move around etc.
Don’t know what I’m asking really, just need to speak to people who understand I guess ? xx

Hi, I really feel for you and can understand how scared you are X I had high lft when I was diagnosed and felt exactly the same as you do now. There are other reasons why a liver test can be raised but I know our thoughts go straight to BC. Mine turned out to be a fatty liver!!. I had a ct scan withing days and they fitted me into the clinic to get results couple days later. Just want to give you a big hug and will be keeping you in my thoughts xx