Raised liver test should I worry!!

Hi just come bac after seein doc as had to go back after blood results. He said ther was a slight raise in my liver test so he’s organising a scan. Is this common shud I worry was all inclusive on hols 3 weeks ago n do like a drink so this could b it but also worried as know the Th liver is one of breast cancers fav places to go wat signs or symptoms shud I look for xxx

Hi I had high liver raise but that was after chemo so they put it all down to that sorry not much help but someone be along sn to advice it can be to do with fatty food or drink tc Laura

Hi girls. Is it the liver function test ye are talking about?

It was a blood test tht he said was slightly raised xx

Hi yes my blood test are norm high in liver try not to worry it cld be anything

After my first chemo my liver function was raised so had a liver scan (which was normal). I drank alcohol a few days before the blood test (prior to next chemo) so was told to totally cut alcohol out, even the odd glass. The liver has to put up with so much during treatment so may well be the additional load of inclusive alcohol may have tipped the balance.

try not to worry (easier said than done I know!!)

Karen xx

Hi my liver function tests seem to vary up and down and were very high a few weeks after surgery - had scans etc and all was normal. Oncologist is just putting it down to reaction to medications. I don’t drink more than a few glasses a week even when really well, so much less now - maybe one or two at most on a good week! Was told to carry on as it won’t make a difference.
Try not to worry x

Hi Rozita

It’s hard not to worry with these things. Are you taking tamoxifen? I believe that can change liver function levels in some women.

Your doctor sounds like s/he is erring on the side of caution with a scan. By the way, changes in the liver are not necessarily cancerous.
They may want to check that your medications aren’t affecting your liver at all.

Elinda x


Different liver enzymes relate to different things. One of mine was v raised when I finished Chemo in oct so I had a scan, it has gradually got lower and is nearly normal now. Another more sensitive test is still abnormal now but has stayed the same high level, so as all other tests are normal they assume it is either Chemo damage, medication, or fatty liver. It is a worrry, but your liver takes a long time to recover from Chemo. Depending on how much you like o know about these things you could ask which enzymes are raised and what that might mean.

Good luck.


My GGT is elevated, but ALT&AST are normal. My onc said wait&see, it’s been 11 months since Chemo, I thought it would be back to normal now but onc has not ordered any more tests for the time being. X

Thnx for your advice. Elinda I’m not on tamoxifen. Double negative not sure wat bracket tht puts me in? I’m hoping it’s just down to drinking too much I know it’s not good for me. But I enjoy it n it helps me thru all this everytime I feel unwell I wonder if it comes back. When people say it’s come back in there liver lungs or bones wat are their symptoms xx