Raising for Prevent Breast Cancer this Sunday❤❤

Good morning ladies.
Apologies for not showing some CK ness lately but I have been making use of my not so tired days and weeks which usually starts on the 6th day after treatment!

I have spent most time and energy sorting things with my new business partner organising my 18th works anniversary charity eventwhich is this Sunday 15th and we are raising for Prevent Breast Cancer which is based in the Knightingale Centre in Wythenshawe Hospital. I know the chairman Lester Barr and his team and recently he was been on TV with great news of a new genetic test which could narrow BC in futire generations!
Facebook 'Prevent Breast Cancer and you can find the links! We raised towards £14k in our town last year and this year I wasnt sure if I had the oooomph!!! But I do…with rest in between!!! I have 120 close friends and customers coming so theres so much to organise and raffle prizes to collect:)

Heres a bit about the charity but I dont know how to do the link so you can just click on it…maybe copy and paste into your search engine.

'Chairman, Lester Barr, was on BBC Breakfast TV He was chatting about some exciting research which could provide a more accurate assessment of risk. You can read more about this research on the BBC News website:


Grovel grovel!!!
If anyone of you ladies would like to support me and donate a cheque to PBC this brilliant cause please message me and I will send you my address. No matter how small the amount as I understand you may not be working and its Xmas coming up but just £5 would mean a lot❤.

Prevention in most definitely the way forward and even though I appreciate that I been given the chance and trestment to getting mended I do worry for my daughter and of course future generations.

On a lighter note, Ive also been shopping with my 81 mum b4 she goes back overseas next Tuesday which will also be my 3rd cycle of chemo. She is sooo into handbags?and made sure I stocked up on her powder, eye cream and lipgloss???Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Scottish Shortbread and a whole case of Walkers Chicken Flavoured Crisps as souvenirs???
She has been great company from nearly 2 months ago just b4 my treatment started but she needs to return to her other home for her checkups from surviving colonic cancer 10 years ago! What a legend!!! But she can be a little demanding as she has a maid look after her back home and now and then forgets I’m not her maid!!Hmmm!!?

My daughter came back to see grandma yesterday from Uni unril Sunday and will no doubt be putting her rollers in and doing her nails!!!

Ive also been visiting centres who offer support and therapies. One called Cancer Care in Prestbury and one very close to me Beechwood Cancer Care Centre where I have an appiuntment today.

So thats why theres been no CKness for a while but
from next Tuesday it will be ‘Me’ time wnen I can chillax and concentrate on myself and speak to my lovely ladies in her more.

All the best to the new starters and hope the rest of us are managing well…lots of love???

Good to hear from you CK we worry if one of our lovely number goes a bit quiet. It sounds like you have plenty to keep you out of mischief this weekend. Best of luck with the fundraising x

Thank you Chaffinch
Ive been signed for an 8 week course every Tuesday from 24th Oct at Beechwood Cancer Care Centre where we have 45 one to one counselling session, 45 minutes therapy of your choice, lunch and then group mingling between 12 of us. Its all comolimentary but can offer a donation.

I’m looking forward to this as it will mainly be for relaxation and de stress which should help towards treatment.

I’d recommend you ladies to take up whats on offer around youm We need to find ways of helping ourselves feel better pre, post and throughout treatment.xxx