Seems to me that this would be a really good thing to do…if we can.


bearing in mind that we must check out all new drugs, supplements before using them - in case they conflict with or prevent the action of our treatment - who amongst us have some ideas on this?


i asked my gp about Immunace and Q10, and of course she said ask the onc. So am awaiting some response from him. meanwhile, we could share ideas together



Hi Moijan, I agree! Our immune systems are so important and all the research coming out now makes so much sense to me. I take supplements, (I’m on Letrozole) I took them to show my Oncologist, I went through them and then she said I don’t have a problem with you taking supplements! She was actually quite interested in one in particular saying she’d never seen one like it before! If anyone is concerned about taking them, and I understand those concerns, then things like Kefir and Apple Cider Vinegar are foods that supplement gut health and help your Microbiome. I now make my own Kefir, it’s so easy. A good website to look at about supplements is Victoria Health, they have an in house pharmacist who writes some really interesting articles. Kxx

Kate, brilliant idea thank you. I had asked if it’s  ok to takeimmunace…my onc just said he had no probs with that…tho I’m not sure he knows the complete contents…but I’m going to check each out on a drug interaction checker.


kefir is a real life saver I think…I don’t make mine but buy it from Sainsbury’s who happen to have a good make in stock…its the same one as in the indeprndant health food shop…anyway, I’m chugging it down inbetween antibiotic doses just now.


nice to hear your ideas…keep em coming.