Random stitch???


I don’t know if anyone has had this but I had the last scab left in the middle of my insicion line after mx and it has been trying to come off for a few days now. Well I decided to try and ‘help it’ a little tonight, it was loose so no major pulling, the scab crumbed off to a point but I think I can see a stitch left behind in the dip below where the scab was, well I’m pretty such actually.

Am I ok waiting for Monday to speak to my bcn? Wondered if I should be more worried and get in touch with someone asap, as it is 6 weeks after my op? Have a little weeping, probably from pulling scab, no pus, redness etc though.

Thanks for any help or advice you may have.

Debs x

Hi there,

I had the same thing in the middle of my lymph node scar. It would not heal and when I went to see Onc I managed to nip in and see my Bcn. She suspected a stitch and sure enough a wee dig about with the tweezers and out it popped. Healed up right away after that. She said because the body sees it as a foreign body it’ll refuse to heal. Best idea is to see Bcn.

Best wishes

Fiona x

Hi Fiona,

Thanks for your info, as it’s not giving me any major problems and from what you’ve said, I will leave it tomorrow being Sunday and call first thing Monday to pop in and see bcn to get it out, it has been a bit of an annoying area as not healed as everything else has healed lovely.

Was a bit weird having a little tug at it after scab came off and realising it was attached and then clocking the blue colour of the stitch, which I’d seen taken out previosuly.

Thanks again for your help it has put my mid at rest. Hope you are well and sending you best wishes.

Debs x

i had a hole open up on my wound 2 wks after surgery and out came a knot! the nurse at my dr’s surgeyr dug about in the hole and pulled out the rest. she gave me anti bios to make sure no infection strted up.

One more question - digging around to get it out, can I expect that to be a bit uncomfortable? I’m thinking that’s a silly question and as it’s sunk down a little its gonna be a deep breath moment.


Gladly I was completely numb in the area of node removal so I didn’t feel anything. Don’t know if they’d be able to give you anything.

Fiona x

No pain at all…hole finally healed about 3 wks after op but has made the scar look a bit rubbish.


Yes - I had a stray stitch that finally emerged some weeks after my WLE.

I had been seeing the practice nurse for some time with a post surgery infection that seemed reluctant to heal- they gave me several lots of anti biotics but I think the stitch was probably the problem all along.

Thank you lovely ladies for your help and sharing of your simular problem.

Your posts have helped take the worry away that I would end up with massive infection, extend my healing, then delay any chance of a reconstruction this year…all sounds a bit extreme now, I just thought this bit was done and out the way so had a moment.

I’m going to call bcn in the morning and I’m sure she’ll probably say to pop in and see her so can take it out, far more rational way of thinking, couldn’t of done it without you.

The little bit of weeping that was going on has stopped now, so think that was just when scab came off, got new smaller scab formed, so hopefully no infection or antibiotics.

Hope you all had as good a weekend as you can, the weather has been really beautiful here.

Thanks again!
Debs x

i had breast implant about three months ago in colombia, i still have blue stitches in my breast , is there any side effects from the stitches or do i have have them taken out?