Randy Pausch

Hello all

Couldn’t find a more appropriate category. I have just read his book - The Last Lecture and it was excellent and already available 2nd hand through Amazon. Recommend you all listen to his last lecture on You Tube - 76 minutes.

What a guy.

Thanks Regina. I’ve heard about this ‘phemomenal’ guy. Just listened to 10 minutes of his lecture…liked a couple of his jokes at the beginning: ‘I’m not going to talk about cancer so everyone offere]ing herbs and supplements get out the way’…but a few minutes later was bored with the jollity.

I like my cancer hero stories to icorporate the grief the horror, the sadness as well as encapsulating the joie de vivre.

Yesterday I was glued to a book which does both: a novel for teenagers called Before I die by Jenny Downham…story of a 16 year old dying of leukemia…she too has a list of things to do before she dies, including sex and drugs and shop lifting and love…brilliant and poignant…and from what I’ve heard and read a million times better than Randy Pausch.

Except good on Randy Pausch for drawing attention to pancreatic cancer which is such a killer…75% die within a year and something like 4% are alive at 5 years…puts breast cancer in perspective.


Thanks Jane - I have been looking at that book on the shelves at Tesco for some time now - I bought it today - and haven’t put it down - what an excellent read it is - I would recommend it to anyone.

Don’t know if you’ve read it or not but I also bought a copy of an Elizabeth Noble novel (not based on fact as far as I am aware) - but wonderfully well written, called ‘Things I Want My Daughters to Know’

I was a bit worried that it was going to be all doom and gloom. It is the story of a women dx with BC, knows her time is running out - who writes letters to each of her four daughters. The book is actually more about the four daughters than the mother but with enough of a sprinkling of what the mother is going through to keep you interested - I would thoroughly recommend that one too!


i’d rather read snow falling on cedars…to kill a mockingbird… sophie’s bakery for the broken hearted